Weekend Reading: Credit Cards, Travel, and Airlines.

Family Vacation People Happy 300x199 Weekend Reading: Credit Cards, Travel, and Airlines.

Enjoy Your Summer!

It is summer-time, the weekend is nigh, so I rounded up some of the best and latest articles from the Yakezie Network. It has been a while since I last did a round-up, so I hope you enjoy it!

Below, we have articles relating to credit cards (the sometimes necessary evil of summer spending, if you aren’t prepared for Summer), Travel, and Airlines.

Get your boarding passes for Hawaii, put on your sunglasses, lather on some sunscreen, prepare to be groped by the TSA (sorry, I had to), and enjoy!

Credit Cards:



There is a lot of great summer information contained in these articles, so it should keep you busy this weekend. If you run out of reading material, you can let us know, or visit the Yakezie website for more great information.  That should pretty well cover you for this coming weekend. So, have a great weekend, a safe weekend and an even better Summer!




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