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11+ Ways to Make $2000 Dollars Fast

Occasionally, times get tough or maybe we have an unexpected household expense! Whatever the reason for needing the money,  you are here because you need to learn how to make 2000 dollars quickly! Although it seems too good to be true, it’s definitely possible! I have a bunch of money-making ideas for you below.

How To Make 2000 Dollars Fast

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to make some extra money? Sure, you could always ask family and friends for some money to help you out, but why set yourself up for being indebted to those you love? These are the types of questions this article answers:

  • How can I make 2000 dollars fast?
  • How can I make money quickly?
  • What are some ways that I can make money?

Heck, it will even answer the question “how can I make $100 dollars in a day?” Many of these ideas can work in a few days or a week if you really apply yourself. So, now that you’re ready, try some of these ways to make some quick cash!

My Favorite Idea: Get a Head-Start by Returning Products You Purchased

Get a head-start on your goal by returning products you’ve purchased. As long as the item is in new, unused condition you should be able to return it. Many stores even have a policy for accepting returns without receipts!

No joke! The biggest drawback to returns without receipts is that you only get refunded the lowest amount the product is sold for. Additionally, you typically get your refund back on a gift card. No big deal, you can sell gift cards online, and at many pawn shops! You’ll lose a little bit, but it’s money in your pocket!

Stores with Amazing Return Policies:

The below stores all have amazing return policies, but make sure you review them because nearly all of them have some exceptions (usually electronics & jewelry).

  • Bed Bath & Beyond – 180 days
  • Costco – Unlimited
  • Home Depot – 90 days
  • Ikea – 365 days
  • JCPenney – Unlimited
  • Kohl’s – 180 days
  • Lowes – 90 days
  • Macy’s – 90 days
  • Target – 90 days
  • Walmart – 90 days

Hustle: Get Money Through Clever Side-hustles

You don’t need a formal business to get money with some good old-fashioned hustle. If you’re ready to get that cash, then roll up your sleeves, put on your smiling face, and grind out a hustle!

Start a Video Agency

Talk with local businesses and see if they could use video content for their website or YouTube channel. I often see people charging around $200 per video in some of the Facebook groups I frequent. But why video? Most businesses need videos for their ads on Google, YouTube, and Facebook. One tool I use is called “Vidnami” and you can create videos in minutes with it. Check out my Vidnami review to learn more.

Selling leads

Compile a list of names, addresses, phone numbers for people who would be interested in a specific type of business. Then begin calling a bunch of local businesses offering to sell them leads!

Also, don’t be afraid to go right to their place of business as it’s a lot harder to say no face to face. It’s a wise idea to first put together a good sales pitch in order to sell your list. Do this the right way and you can have your $2000 in a week! What pool business wouldn’t want more sales leads when they can make $30,000 on a single sale?

Repairing used items

I know a guy who used to have trouble getting work but still managed to pay his bills. One of his tactics was to drive around looking for discarded furniture. He would take anything (often furniture) he found, fix it up and sell it. That was pre-internet.

Imagine how much easier that is with websites like Craigslist! You can also go to thrift stores and ask what broken items they have as most thrift stores discard these items. People like to sneak broken things in with their donations to get rid of stuff.

Rent a room

If you live in a large enough house and have the extra space, put a room up for rent! If it’s in a nice enough area, charge $1000-2000 to include all expenses. You can have $2000 or more as soon as the deposit and the first month of rent is paid! You can also use a service such as AirBNB to make it happen.

Clean houses

Not ideal, but money comes with a lot of work! Get the word out that you are now in the business of cleaning houses, tell family and friends. Advertise on classifieds websites that you do deep cleans and the “dirty jobs,” which are the real money-makers. Just be prepared with the right ventilator mask! Doing this kind of job can net you $2000 in just over a week or even less if you can get enough clients.

Be a neighbor

Go door to door letting your neighbors know that you are trying to raise money and see if they have anything that needs to be done. If it helps, you can look at their house before going to the door and approach them with an “I’d be happy to rake your leaves and bag them for you” or “I’m offering to mow lawns for really cheap!” Tasks such as small handyman jobs or outdoor home maintenance are all good moneymakers. Do a bunch of jobs each day for a week or two and you should have your $2000!

Flipping items

Thrift stores and yard sales are heavens for flippers. Finding items that are cheap and flipping them on eBay for a huge markup sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. I once saw a guy at a yard sale picking items up, then scanning them with a device.

He had a special bar code scanner setup that connected to his phone and automatically would pull up that item on the top sites and show what it was selling for. He was a pro! He would only look at items with a barcode on it so he could guarantee a profit. I was impressed.

Car wash

Get a few helping hands together at the expense of lunch, drinks, and a small cut and throw a car wash! Everyone loves to have a nice, shiny car on a sunshiny day! Offer additional services such as minor interior detailing for extra money. With enough helpers, it wouldn’t be crazy to raise the money in just a few busy weekends.

Borrow from 401k

If your job offers you this benefit and you’ve been taking advantage of it, don’t go anywhere else for a loan! Taking a loan from your 401k is perhaps the smartest place to borrow money from as all of the interest you pay back goes right into your account and not a financial institution’s pocket! It can take just a couple of weeks to see a check, or there may be direct deposit offered.

Medical testing

If you’ve seen Jim Carrey’s “Fun With Dick and Jane,” then you probably don’t think this is a good idea. Most of the time, though, there isn’t a terrible ending but the risk is always there. It might just be a risk worth taking if you can get $2000 from it!


Sell tickets to a nice item, such as a good vacuum or even a microwave. Price the tickets accordingly. Who wouldn’t want to win an item for a fraction of the cost? You can sell tickets door to door or even do it online on websites such as Rafflecopter!

Set the drawing for a couple of weeks out, and you might just have made $2000 by then! You can also raffle off services. Because raffles can be considered a form of gambling, make sure you verify the legality of it where you’re located.

Bake sale

If you are good with the oven, then set up shop at a local farmer’s market and sell those baked goods! Over the course of a few weekends, you can easily make $2,000! Be sure to offer custom orders for next day pickup as well for extra money! You can also try to consign your baked goods at local diners.

Solicit local businesses

Depending on what you need the money for, you may have many people willing to help (and they just don’t know it yet)! Write a heartfelt letter and send it to many of the businesses around, letting them know your situation and see if they might be willing to sponsor your cause or need. You can also offer to write to local newspapers about their willingness to help you. You get money, they get free publicity and the newspaper gets a feel-good story!

Making Money Really Fast

If you need to make money fast, try to avoid loans or a payday loan because you are only making the situation better in the short term, and worse in the long run. With that said, I know that someone reading this needs the money right now. Below are some options if you are truly in a pinch.

But I Need 2000 Dollars Right Now!

If the situation is truly desperate, you do have a few options, but please consider a few things first:

  • The following options are fast, but each has a major drawback.
  • For a few of these, you need to pay the money back.
  • They might feel very humbling.
  • If you have even a reasonable amount of time to prepare, try some of the options above first.

If you need the 2000 dollars now due to an emergency, then here are some options you have:

Get Money from People You Know, and Don’t know!

Friends and Family

I know this one is obvious, but other than pride, it has the least drawback. Often, friends and family are willing to help you out for free. If they’re especially generous, then they might even gift you the money. If not, many will give you an interest-free loan that you can pay back when you’re able. The biggest issue with this option is if you don’t pay them back. Don’t throw away relationships for some easy money. Don’t let your pride force you to make a bad decision.

Alternative to asking friends and family for money

If you’d rather not ask for a favor, why not ask your friends and family if there is work you can do for them. Every friend and family I know has too many things to do and not enough time.

Yes, they’re still doing you a favor, but at least they’re getting value out of it. It feels a lot more mutually beneficial. If you’re concerned about asking them to do tasks, maybe you can sell some things that you need to get rid of to them.

People often joke about “friends and family” discounts but in my experience, family members often like to pay each other top dollar for things. We recently purchased an SUV from my brother-in-law at Kelley Blue Book’s top price for the year and mileage even though it wasn’t in pristine condition. Family helping family.


Crowdfunding websites, such as GoFundMe are a great way to raise money! This is a fantastic way to let people know your needs and come together as a community to support them. I’ve seen many families utilize this resource when their house was burned down and even for when someone just wanted some pizza (and that guy somehow raised a LOT of money just to buy some pizza!).

In the past, I’ve said money can’t buy happiness, but there are some tasty situations where I’m willing to be wrong! I say it’s worth a go. Depending on how well you word your plea and what the cause is for, it can take anywhere from hours to months to reach your goal.

Get a General Purpose Loans

Many banks offer “general purpose” loans that are meant to be paid back over the course of a few years (usually 4-6 years). The two types that you’ll run into are secured and unsecured. Secured means you have collateral (something of value) to guarantee the loan gets paid back. Unsecured means that the loan is given to you on the faith that you’ll pay it back. Interest rates on these loans are generally far better than any credit card rate, cash advance or pawn shop would be willing to give you.

Credit Card

Credit cards are the easiest way to get access to money, but they come at high interest rates and the temptation to think of them as free money is quite high. There are many ways to make use of your credit card in a financial pinch, but please be aware: if you do a cash advance on your credit card, it usually comes at a much higher interest rate than if you use the credit card as you normally do.

Pawn Shop Loan

If you have something of value, pawnshops will give you a loan against it. Interest rates and fees will vary. You might get a reasonable deal, or you might be charged interest that would make a credit card blush. For more about pawnshop loans, read this article from BankRate.com.

Alternative Financial Institutions

If you are one of the “unbanked” meaning, you have no relationships with traditional financial institutions like banks or credit unions, then your only options may be one of the alternative financial institutions. These include places like cash advance businesses. This should be an absolute last resort. Cash advance businesses charge fees that are insane for the amounts of money you get.

If you really need the money, ask others for help! We all need a helping hand once in a while. Whatever you do, please make the most responsible decision you can for the situation you’re in. Good luck with your money-raising ventures!