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Collections Worth Investing In

United States Silver Eagle
Collections can be profitable, but also carry risk.

The value of collectible items can skyrocket one month and plunge the next. For example, Beanie Babies were once all the rage, but now they are only collected by a relatively small group of people.

If you are looking for a collectible that is actually worth investing in, then you must stay away from new fads and embrace items that have kept a steady level of interest and value for decades. The following five items have proven to have staying power, and they are a good start for those who want to invest in collectibles.


Collecting coins is always a wise decision. Not only will rare coins increase significantly in value, but current coins, such as the state specific United States quarters, will almost always remain worth at least their face amount. Another perk to collecting coins is their historical and educational value.

Vintage Baseball Cards

Since the ’80s, most baseball cards have been mass-produced, and this has depleted their collectible value. There are some exceptions, including serial numbered cards and those with game worn swatches, but the wisest investment is in vintage baseball cards. It is possible to come across vintage cards at flea markets and estate sales for a really low price, so always be on the lookout.


Collecting stamps is not only an interesting hobby, but it can also end up producing a big pay day. It is important to focus on limited edition stamps and to buy them in an uncut sheet. Stamps that have been misprinted will always spike in value, so if you come across any, you should pick up as many you can.

Paper Currency

Although it might be harder to display, paper currency can also increase in value just like coins. A well-rounded collection will include notes from multiple different countries. If a particular denomination is about to be taken out of circulation, then you should definitely add it to your collection.

Vintage Comic Books

Just like with modern baseball cards, it is really easy to get multiple copies of most current comic books. If you focus on the golden age, however, you are likely to acquire an expensive collection that will continue to increase in value.

If you are looking at your collectibles as an investment, they will always come with a certain level of risk. You can manage this risk, however, by staying up-to-date on the latest collectible information at CollectorsCorner.com.

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