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Vidnami, Content Samurai? What’s Changed and Why You Need To Know!

If you read my Vidnami review, then you’re probably pretty well aware of what Vidnami is, how it works, who it’s for, and so forth. But- what happened to Content Samurai?

I’ve used Content Samurai for years, and so I was actually a little surprised when I heard the announcement myself.

Video: Vidnami, Content Samurai Rebrand Explained

Watch this article instead of reading it, by watching this video I made in Vidnami!

Cut to the Chase: What happened to Content Samurai?

Sadly, Content Samurai has been rebranded to Vidnami. Don’t get me wrong, the name sounds great, more professional, and Vidnami’s logo looks amazing, but I am going to miss the samurai mascot they had.

I really loved when they would dress him up in a Santa outfit during Christmas time. But, time goes on, and they felt it was necessary to rebrand with the idea that Vidnami was a better sounding name, and was more in line with what the tool does. I agree.

Why Did Content Samurai Change It’s Name?

For those sentimental folks like myself who might not like change, you might be wondering why Content Samurai changed their name. After all, rebranding is no small task!

I reached out to the team via social media, and they said that the change happened to clarify what Vidnami does. Originally, Content Samurai was going to be a tool for creating all types of content, but the team at Noble Samurai quickly realized that video was the future, so they focused the tool.

The name “Vidnami” is a portmanteau of the words “video” and “tsunami.” With the idea that you will create a wave of influence using video. I like it!

They had a few other reasons as well, including:

  • People had trouble spelling “Samurai”
  • Vidnami clarifies the product’s functionality
  • Vidnami is very brandable
  • They were able to obtain a trademark for “Vidnami”

These are all very solid reasons to rebrand a company, and ultimately, I think it sets them up for a much brighter future in the world of online business!

What Changed With Vidnami Now That It’s No Longer Content Samurai?

You might be happy to know that a few very positive things are happening as a result of the rebrand.

Firstly, the site got a refreshed look and feel. Additionally, they’ve revamped their entire help library, which was very welcome!

Secondly, a very popular request has finally been granted: 1080p video is finally officially supported by Vidnami! This was one of the biggest complaints with Content Samurai, and now Vidnami does it!

The biggest change of all? They no longer offer their 7-day free trial.

I know.

Instead, they offer a 14-day free trial! Below is my link to get a 14-day free trial so you can test out the all-new Vidnami and see if you like it.

Does Vidnami Offer A Discount Now That It Is Rebranded?

You’ll be happy to know that they do in fact offer a 25% off discount which I was able to obtain for my readers. There is one caveat though: you can’t have both the free trial AND the discount. You need to choose one or the other. Should you want the Vidnami 25% off discount, then my link is below:

Is Vidnami The Same Company As Content Samurai?

Yes! I’m happy to say they are both owned by the same company, so you don’t need to worry about that at all. The parent company, Noble Samurai, are the same great folks behind both Vidnami and Content Samurai. That was a big relief to me because I genuinely like Dr. Anthony Fernando, and I’ve really enjoyed chatting with both Tom and Wayne from the support team.

What does all of this mean for Content Samurai customers?

If you are/were a Content Samurai customer, then not much really changes. Your login information stays the same, your videos and templates were all transferred over, so nothing is changing.

Basically, you’re getting new functionality, a better-looking video creation tool, and some slick new branding. Best of all, they didn’t raise the prices on anyone. In fact, when I first started out, they were charging $97/month, and that price has basically been cut in half.

Conclusion: Hello Vidnami, Farewell Content Samurai!

I had a lot of fun with the floating samurai mascot, but his ship has sailed. Vidnami is the new brand for Content Samurai, whether we like it or not. Overall, I’m happy they are doing it because it shows a commitment to their business and their willingness to change with the times.

The online video creation market is only getting more competitive, and if you can’t change with the times, then they’ll leave you behind. I’m happy they’re changing with the times because this is a tool I use often, and I don’t want to try finding an alternative.

I imagine rebranding was a very difficult decision for the team at Noble Samurai to make, so I commend them for handling it as well as they have. I noticed no interruptions during the transition, their communication has been superb, and they were very clear about it. That’s pretty much all you can hope for in these crazy, always-changing, internet times!

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