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Coupon Marketing: Why Should Your Business Use Coupon Codes (And How!)?

Coupon codes can make the difference between a sale and a customer leaving your website. The problem is, you don’t want to offer coupons to everyone visiting your website. Why not just target the customers who seem like they’re on the verge of leaving without making a sale? 

That’s why you’ll want to use OptinMonster. OptinMonster allows you to offer coupons at just the perfect time. When your visitors see an offer that seems too good to pass up, they’ll stay on your website and make a purchase- not just leave! 

OptinMonster has built-in analytics that allows you to analyze, test, and compare your campaigns and optimize your offers. By using this feature, you’ll be able to tweak your campaigns to make them even more effective.

Why Are Coupons a Good Marketing Strategy?

Coupons can be used to promote your business in several ways. Coupons can be used to create loyalty (offering coupons for future purchases). Coupons can be used as a vehicle for introducing new products to your customers. 

Coupons can also be used to promote a new service offered by your business. Coupons can be used to promote sales, end-of-season sales, new product lines, new product features (coupons for trying new features in a SaaS product), and so on. Coupons can be used to attract new customers.

Ways to Improve Your Coupon Marketing

Don’t just use your discounts on customers who are about to purchase; use coupons to attract new customers. Run an ad campaign targeting previous customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while, and give them a great coupon to come back. 

If you’re afraid of looking desperate, then create a holiday discount (it doesn’t even have to be a significant holiday- hot dog day is a thing!). Whatever you do, get your former customers back on your website!

Use coupons to entice website visitors who might be planning to leave your website. 

Place a coupon on your cart page to incentivize people to add an item to their cart. The coupon code is automatically applied to the order. The user receives a notification via email when the order is placed. The coupon code is automatically applied to the order.

Consider using coupon popups on your website to attract attention to your website visitors. 

This marketing strategy is particularly effective for increasing sales and encouraging repeat purchases. Coupon popups should be used when your customers are about to leave your website, encouraging them to remain and shop with you.

Here are a few other ways to work out your discounting muscles:

  • Cross-sell items.
  • Try a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale.
  • Sell off old inventory at a discount.
  • Run a Black Friday sale.

OptinMonster Coupon Wheels (Spin-to-Win)

Gamification involves adding elements of game-play to your website. So, what’s the big deal? Well, it’s not just about the fun factor. It’s about retention and engagement rates.

The gamification of your website is a hot topic for a reason. It’s one of the most effective ways to increase visitor engagement and drive conversions. HubSpot says that gamification increases user engagement by 54%. 

Coupon wheels are a fun way to add gamification to your coupon giveaways. You’re also able to provide different coupon code discounts. This style of coupon code giveaway also adds a level of scarcity to coupon giveaways because not everyone is getting the same coupon, so you feel like yours needs to be used, or you risk losing it. 

Gamification is changing the way businesses do business online.

OptinMonster Exit-Intent® Popups

Exit-intent is a feature of OptinMonster where it detects when a customer is about to leave the page. It then displays a popup message in a last effort to get your customer to stay or take some action. 

For example, if the customer is about to click the Back button, then an option box is displayed offering a discount or, in our case, a coupon incentive for the customer to stick around.

OptinMonster Inactivity Popups

People are more distracted than ever. Not only that, but more and more visitors are visiting your website on their mobile phones!

InactivitySensor is pretty simple. When a mobile visitor has been inactive on your website for a certain amount of time, OptinMonster will show them a popup. This is a great way to get them to take action on your site and, hopefully, convert.

OptinMonster Geotargeted Popups

Geotargeting popups trigger based on where your customer is located. This is great for offering highly personalized popup content. Are you having a meetup locally, or are you going to an expo? Then you can market coupons for those events to people who are located near your area! 

You can even send them personalized coupons based on what they are currently viewing on your site. 

Another clever way of geotargeting is to assure international visitors that their orders will get to them on time.

It’s Time To Tighten Up Your Coupon Game!

Coupons and discounting have been around since the dawn of commerce. If customers didn’t like saving money, then the word “haggling” would have never been invented. I love getting coupons and discounts.

When I buy something, and the store offers me a coupon, I feel like I’ve just won the mini-lottery. I get to save money and get something I wanted for less, or possibly even free. To me, that’s a win-win situation.

Give your customers the satisfaction of a great deal, and give yourself the pleasure of another happy customer. Check out OptinMonster if you want to roll out coupon popups easily.

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