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Vidnami vs. InVideo: Which Online Video Maker Will Be Crowned King?

The video marketing business is heating up, and so is the competition between online video creators, but who is the king of the online video makers? I own and use two of the most popular online video editors: Vidnami and InVideo, but which one is the best for internet marketing?

I’ve paid for both tools and used them to create a fair number of videos. I’ve used Vidnami for a few years, back when it was called Content Samurai. You can read my full Vidnami review should you want a little more detail. I’ve used InVideo for about 2-3 months now.

In this article, we’ll compare both video tools to determine which one is the best, and most importantly, which one is the best for you! Let’s dive in.

Feature Comparison: Vidnami vs InVideo.io

Both tools have very different approaches to video creation, and that will be obvious when we compare the features. In this section, we’ll compare the features of both tools and select the winner for each feature.

Automated Text-to-Speech

Both tools offer Automated Text-to-Speech. The plan that I’m on with InVideo does not give me access to the Text-to-Speech, so I was only able to listen to it through their training videos. It does sound very robotic in my opinion.

On the other hand, Vidnami’s seems to be higher quality and more natural. To be clear, I don’t think any of these automatic speech generators will fool someone who is listening closely. If you can, try doing your own voiceovers or hire someone if you can afford it.

Video Demo: Vidnami Auto Voice Review

Winner: Vidnami


Effects add a lot of flare to videos, and make them more interesting to look at. There’s really no competition here, InVideo has many effects and overlays, and this is an area that I think Vidnami intentionally yielded to due to the technological complexity, the render times, and the overall complexity of creating a video. If effects matter to you, then InVideo is the winner.

Winner: InVideo

Media Uploads

Sometimes, you need to add your own video clips or images into a video. Vidnami doesn’t set any firm limits that I’ve been able to hit, nor do they state they have any limits. On the other hand, InVideo requests each upload be under 800 megabytes, which admittedly, is a very fair upload allowance. In my experience, uploading to Vidnami has been significantly faster than InVideo.

Winner: Vidnami


Music sets the mood for videos, no questions asked. For me, I’ve actually spent more time finding the right music than anything else in some videos that I’ve made! Vidnami offers a massive music library. InVideo offers a significantly smaller music library.

For quality of music, I think Vidnami has much more variety, simply because of how big the library is, but there are a lot of songs I don’t like. InVideo has a tiny library in comparison, but overall, their songs are mostly acceptable to good in quality.

For navigating the music, both services need some work. Vidnami is slightly better because it lets you filter by genre and mood, but it’s got a lot of room for improvement. For InVideo, you basically get to select a mood, then just start listening to songs until you find a good one. I wish they allowed a mixture of filters such as mood, genre, tempo, or a free form search box so you could have a bit more control of music selection.

Winner: Vidnami because of their massive library.

Stock Photos

Slideshows are only as interesting as their images. Vidnami sources images from your common free sites (Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash), as well as other sites like Wikimedia, Flickr and other sites. Now, those latter sites often require attribution, which gets a bit awkward with video.

InVideo offers their free library, which sources from the common sites (Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash) which don’t require attribution. The downside of this, is that you don’t have the variety options like you do with Vidnami. So, if you don’t mind attribution, then Vidnami might be the winner.

Now, where InVideo pulls ahead is that they also allow you to get images from ShutterStock, which is a high-quality stock photo site, for no additional fees.

Winner: InVideo

Team Members

Finally, comes team members. Team member management is a feature that I’ve seen requested in Vidnami’s Facebook group for a while, but it has never been added to the tool. Most people use a tool like LastPass to share access with their team members, although this isn’t ideal. InVideo offers team member support so each person on your team will have their own login.

Winner: InVideo


Rapidly creating videos requires great templates, and I’m happy to report that both tools offer fantastic looking templates. InVideo boasts of having over 3,000 templates, and I can report that I’ve personally noticed new templates being added constantly. The one thing that I didn’t love is that you have to purchase some templates, at least on the plan that I have. That doesn’t change the fact that I do have access to a massive library of free templates.

Vidnami, offers a much smaller library of templates. To their credit, they allow you to make your own templates as well which includes selecting fonts, colors, and default slide images. I would estimate Vidnami to only have a couple hundred templates out of the box, and many are just minor variations of each other. I think this has a lot to do with Vidnami’s focus on speed, but if template variety is your requirement, then InVideo wins.

Winner: InVideo


Transitions are those little things that happen between video slides. Vidnami offers 52 different slide transitions. I generally don’t use transitions because I think they often look cheesy, but some of them are really nice. I actually didn’t mind the “Burn” transition at all! Some of their transitions are a bit “powerpointy” and not in a good way, but that will always be the case with slide transitions. Page curls just don’t look good to me!

InVideo offers a total of 79 transitions. Some of them are actually quite interesting looking (such as glitch effects), which I imagine adds to the render time, but they are very cool looking. InVideo can too be forgiven for offering many cheesy “powerpoint” style transitions. I think a lot of people just like those. Overall, I think InVideo has the more solid slide transition offering.

Winner: InVideo

Video Clips

Both tools give you access to StoryBlock’s video library which is awesome. It has plenty of great-looking video, that will fit most peoples’ needs. InVideo also gives you access to ShutterStock’s video library which would undoubtedly make it the winner for me, except there is one major drawback.

On InVideo’s lower-tier plan, they only let you use 300 clips each month, but Vidnami let’s you have unlimited everything. So, with InVideo, you get a larger library, but unless you’re paying for their higher-tier plan, you are limited to 300 clips each month. If you aren’t making many videos, then this won’t be a problem. For me, this would likely be an issue if I used InVideo exclusively.

Winner: Vidnami for me, but InVideo might be the winner for others.

Video Duration

When it comes to video duration, much of the question is left at what kind of videos you’re trying to make. If you’re trying to make content style videos, such as turning a blog article into a video, then you may want the ability to create longer videos. If you’re only planning to make sales style videos like video sales letters, then video duration may not be as important to you.

InVideo has a 15 minute limit on their plans, meaning that you can not make a video any longer than 15 minutes. Vidnami, on the other hand, has no limit on the length of the videos you create.

Winner: Vidnami

Video Size Formats

At the moment, Vidnami supports two video sizes: Your standard 16:9 wide format, and your 1:1 square format which is perfect for Instagram. InVideo supports both of those formats, as well as the 1080×1920 vertical video format which works for TikTok, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Stories. At the time of this review, Vidnami does not support the 1080×1920 video format, but when I reached out to them, they did confirm they’ve received numerous requests for this and they are looking at supporting it in the future.

Winner: InVideo

Video Resolution

Both tools are capable of 1080p resolution videos. Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai) was a bit late to the game as they originally only supported up to 720p, but that all changed with the Content Samurai to Vidnami rebrand. InVideo.io has supported 1080p for the entire time that I’ve owned it. Neither tool has suggested when they’ll offer support for 2K or 4K video. It may be a little while as 2K and 4K video will be much more costly for them to render.

Winner: Tie, with a slight advantage to InVideo getting to market with 1080p earlier.

Customer Service Comparison

Customer Service Quality

I’ve had conversations with both support teams for various reasons. I had an issue with my InVideo account where my videos weren’t allowed to be longer than 10 minutes. The issue was resolved within a day.

I’ve contacted Vidnami support over the years for various questions here and there and have always gotten answers within a day, but I’ve never had a technical issue that needed their intervention.

Both companies have very helpful, and kind support staff in my experience.

Customer Support Hours

InVideo claims to have 24/7 support, and I can’t disagree. I’ve not had trouble reaching their support team. I’ve not been able to find Vidnami’s support hours published anywhere, but from my personal experience, Vidnami’s support runs on regular business hours in Australia, so there are slight delays for me to reach support sometimes.

Customer Support Technology

My favorite method for customer support is live chat. InVideo does offer live chat which is really nice. Vidnami does all of their support via email, which isn’t ideal, but works just fine. Overall, I prefer the live chat support better.

Winner: InVideo

Pricing Table Comparison

Vidnami costs $47/month or $397/year without my reader discount, while InVideo has multiple plans and price points. Here’s a pricing table to help you.

InVideo Business$20$120
InVideo Unlimited$60$360
Vidnami w/ Discount$35

Wealth Artisan readers can get a 25% discount off the monthly price or a 14-day free trial of Vidnami by using the buttons below:

Ease of Use: Which Video Maker Is Easier?

So, that’s the feature break down and comparison, but where do the tools stand when it comes to ease of use? Is Vidnami easier? Is InVideo easier? In my opinion, Vidnami is significantly easier to use. InVideo has tons of options, customizations, and effects, but with those features comes complexity.

Winner: Vidnami

Which One Makes Videos Quicker?

Vidnami was built for speed. They intentionally made the experience as simple as possible, so people could turn out good-looking videos quickly. InVideo has some similar functionality in their “StoryBoard” mode, but it feels kind of bolted on. It just doesn’t work as seamlessly.

Winner: Vidnami

Which Makes Better Looking Videos: Vidnami vs. InVideo

InVideo will make better-looking videos. Vidnami’s videos look fine, but they aren’t going to blow your mind or anything. If you want a lot more control over how your videos will look, then InVideo is definitely the winner.

Winner: InVideo

Which Tool Wins?

The winner for me is Vidnami, and that’s because I need my video maker to get out of my way and let me make videos quickly. InVideo is a fantastic tool, with tons of options. No doubt, InVideo will turn out better-looking videos. There is no question in my mind about that.

If InVideo makes better-looking videos, then why did I pick Vidnami? Because I can turn videos out way faster with fewer options and decisions. If you prefer to take your time, and really polish what you’re making, then you might prefer InVideo. If you’re like me, and time is the most important thing, then Vidnami will likely be the winner for you too.

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