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Kardashian Kard Dead On Arrival

About 3 weeks ago, we wrote an article about the Kardashians’ latest business endeavor money-making gimmick: The Kardashian Kard.

It was a prepaid debit card with so many fees attached to it that you’d be broke before you could stand in the nearest check-out lane.  It’s kind of ironic that they have a television show called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”  It won’t happen with this card!

According to this article, the card is DOA and the Kardashians are trying to distance themselves as far from this public relations stick of dynamite as they can.  Who can blame them?

Would you want people to realize that you’re trying to take advantage of less educated parents, teenagers, and young adults?

Peer Pressure & The Obedience Effect

Well, consumers called a spade a spade and I called a predator a predator.  There’s nothing more devious, and nothing more wretched than trying to make money off of someone because they know less than you.  People will do anything, if others tell them to. I’m just glad that there were so many bloggers, and consumer advocacy groups out there to raise red flags and let people know that this is not OK.

Sorry, a slight deviation for those who might be interested: To back up that previous statement, I direct you to read about Dr. Milgram’s Obedience Experiment, and for those who prefer video proof, I’m including links to the 3 parts of the video on Youtube.  Please note, the videos are somewhat psychologically chilling and stunning.

  • Dr. Milgram’s Obedience Study Part 1/3 (15 min.)
  • Dr. Milgram’s Obedience Study Part 2/3 (15 min.)
  • Dr. Milgram’s Obedience Study Part 3/3 (14 min.)
Unfortunately, the videos were taken down, sorry 🙁

Where is the Honesty?

Marketers & product designers make note: taking advantage of the less educated is not OK.  I hear so many people rationalize “well, it’s their job to be properly educated about money.”  To that I say: it’s our job to practice decent morals, ethics, and our abilities to discern when we are making money off of a person’s lack of knowledge.

This website exists because I’m trying to educate the people you’re trying to take advantage of.  If you want to be lumped in with snake oil salesmen then I pity your grifter, money-making attitude.  You’ll be bankrupt in no time because you only have so many bridges you can burn before you are stuck in town with angry customers.

Declare Victory Over The Kardashian Kard

Today is a victorious day over outrageous fess, deceptive marketing, and an all around deceptive product. People saw it for what it was and said “no thanks.”  The card lasted for maybe a month, and that was a month too long.  It’s too bad that someone in the planing process didn’t say “isn’t this a bad and possibly predatory product?”

Maybe someone did but they were hushed by the corporate bureaucracy.  In any event, this product is off the market, the website is shut down, and I’m nearly positive the Kardashians won’t engage in this type of business practice in the future.  Was that naive to say?

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