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How To Find a Job (Part 1 of 2)

This is part one of a two-part series. Read part 2 here. Without question, we are in a tough economy. Unemployment is high, adequate jobs are scarce and this puts many people into a tough position.  How do you find a job? Finding a job shouldn’t be difficult, but if you are having problems here are some things to help you in this endeavor.  It is important to realize, especially if you’re out of work and have bills due, that no job should be off the table.

Swallow pride: It may be hard to swallow your pride and take an entry-level position, but if it keeps food on the table then it should be considered.  I understand that not all jobs will be able to cover your monthly obligations, but accepting a lower quality of life to get by may be necessary.  I’ll include some articles at the bottom of this one to assist you in finding areas where you can lower or cut your costs.

1. Dig Into Your Network

Your network is one of the biggest assets that you will ever have to your name.  Even when employed, your network provides you with information, resources, and companionship.   This is why it is extremely important to have a “network building attitude.”  Always make connections, take down names, send emails, and build your network.

A friendly “hello” to the right person may end up being the fundamental building block that gets you a job when you are down and out.  With your network, you can begin to ask questions.  Even if you don’t know managers, or supervisors, your contact may. Don’t be afraid to dig into your network and ask for a kind word.

It’s amazing what you don’t know until you ask.  While you’re struggling finding a job, the very guy you’re venting to could know about a position and not mention it.  Ask direct questions: “This search is difficult!  Do you know of any openings where you’re at?”

2. Use a Head Hunter

If your network is worthless, then you may need to go to a network.  Be sure to work on building a quality network once you’re in a better position, but until then, you should consider using a head hunter.  Headhunters are recruiters, I just like the term head hunter better.  These are connected people, and they are connected in the right way.

Headhunters are great because they already know what you want.  There is no need for an awkward start-up conversation, you just cut right to the chase.  It’s important to remember, headhunters are employed by companies to find employees.  They are not necessarily out to find you a job, but to find a person for a job.  Wouldn’t you like to be that person?

Finding headhunters can be a little difficult, but with search engines and websites like Linkedin, you definitely have chances.  Try it!  Go to your favorite search engine and search for “(insert company name) recruiter” and all types of results begin to pop up.  Linkedin can provide an excellent point of contact.

Working With Less Income & Money

These are only 2 of our 5 ideas to help you get a job.  To read the remaining 3 ideas, be sure to read “How To Find a Job Part 2.”

And, as promised in the beginning of this article, if you face living off of less income, then here are some resources to help you make the adjustment:

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