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Where Can You Save Money? (Free Worksheet)

Free Bill Assessment Worksheet – Click To Download

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Many people know that they want to save money, and many people already know what areas they can do better, but they just need a push in the right direction.  On of the things that helps us most is setting goals and trying to achieve them.  We have goals for everything:

That’s a truncated list of the various goals that we have, and we set these goals so we have direction.  There’s no special science to setting goals.  We just look at where we are now, and set a goal that is more ambitious than our current disposition.  If we attain our goal quickly, then we extend the goal further out, and raise the bar higher to make it more difficult to reach.

You could go into extremely tedious mathematics to establish the best goal, but why go through so much trouble (unless you enjoy it) when this method is easy.  If you’re water bill is consistently $150 a month, and you want to be at $100 a month, then accept that as your goal and decide what the best way is to cut down so you can reach it.

We’ve Made It Easy For You!

Cutting down on variable bills is one of the easiest ways to save a meaningful sum of money.  One of the main reasons is because we generally don’t exhibit any real control over them until we decide that they’ve gotten out of hand.  Take the electric bill for instance.  Many people don’t really think too much about their electric consumption until they decide that they want to spend less on electricity.

Sure, you might switch a few lights off here and there and toss out the “we’re not running a lighthouse” line, but generally most people don’t actively try to control their electric bill; they wait until it arrives and brace for the pain.  But with the advent of new technology, you now have the option to control many aspects of the bill to get it where you want it.

There are water heater timers, programmable thermostats, or simply unplugging laptop and cell phone chargers.  A motivated person can save a lot of money on this bill and we’ve created a worksheet to help you track and gauge your progress.  We’re attaching it to this post for you.

About The Worksheet

The worksheet is really quite simple.  You select the bills that you want to control, then you write in a monthly average goal that you want to reach, then you begin tracking.  If you keep a good filing system of records (we do), then you can even plug in past numbers to help speed up this years assessment.  After you’ve filled in a whole years worth of the data, then you can total it, take an average and compare it to your goal to see how you’ve been doing.

We’ve also provided some areas for you to write in ideas and assess why you did or didn’t reach your goals.  After you’ve completed the worksheet, we urge you to file it away that way you can use it for comparison and track your year over year progress.  It is important to track your costs so you can see which direction you’re headed, and we hope that this free Bill Assessment Worksheet helps aid you.

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