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The Waiting Benefit

I received an XBox for free.  I received $60.00 off of a $200 bistro set for no good reason.  I got these great things because I was willing to wait. Everyone hates waiting, and we refer to this as “now” syndrome.

We, as humans, just naturally dislike waiting for things. We hate waiting so much, that credit cards were created.  Worse, we hate waiting so much, that payday loans and cash advances were created!  Waiting saves you money.

My Free XBox 360 and 30% Off Bistro Set

The easiest example right away is technology.  Technology advances so quickly that people are always upgrading.  Computers that were selling for thousands of dollars years ago, are sold brand new today for hundreds.  The people who rush in to have the fastest machines take the premium hit on the chin for you and I.

I have wanted an XBox 360 for 4 years.  Two months ago, one was dropped in my lap for free, it just had an overheating issue.  Then, just a week ago, I received another one that is in fine working condition, but it was being replaced by a newer model.

Now, the new one that I just got was a combination of the “waiting benefit” and knowing a kind person, as this newer one could have easily been sold.  But, by waiting 4 years, I was able to come by two XBox gaming consoles completely free.

People were spending hundreds of dollars, and still are, as new ones come out! Because of the housing bust, furniture stores have been hurting badly.  My wife and I have been looking at one specific bistro set (fancy term for a small table and two chairs) for about 1.5 years.

Recently, the store sent us a $60.00 giftcard (really just a coupon), and with this 30% discount, we purchased our set.  It took us one full year of waiting, but we were rewarded for it.

Replacements Items Are Your Opportunity

Replacement is a very common thing in today’s society.  When I worked as a computer technician, I would speak with people who were replacing very decent computers, just because their current computer “got slow.”  This is rarely because of hardware issues.  What that means is there are plenty of people out there throwing out or giving away perfectly good computers.

The same thing goes with furniture.  People often want to replace furniture because it is “old.”  Old is more of a relative term.  Some people consider things old and replaceable because they’ve been around a long time, and others because something looks outdated.  You can cease on these opportunities, and save a lot of money.

The next time you hear the word “replacement” your ears better perk up, because that is opportunity clanging its bell.  More often than not, if the person is your friend, then they’ll be more than happy to give you their “old stuff.”  And if this makes you embarrassed, then read our article about not caring for what others think and to stop seeking approval.

Take Aways:

  • Do you have trouble waiting?
  • What advantages can you see to waiting, rather than putting something on the credit card?
  • What have you waited for?
  • What’s the best deal that you’ve gotten from waiting?
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