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Celebration: 6 Months and 100 Posts!

One more with the balloons :)
Image by CharlotteSpeaks♥{Charlotte.Morrall} via Flickr

Happy Fall and Happy October

Today is an interesting day.  There’s so many things happening.  We just finished September, summer is over and fall is here (my favorite season), 6 months ago I started this blog to help friends and family with their money issues and it has since grown into what we have here today.

Interestingly enough to us math geeks, this 6th month post has a neat intersecting quality, it is also our 100th post!  In those 6 months we’ve had 100 posts, 561 tags, 475 genuine comments, 957 spam comments (thanks Akismet! Except for punishing perfectly good comments like Invest It Wisely!), lots of visits, and made many friends.  We appreciate all of our readers, and we also appreciate our subscribers.

If you haven’t subscribed to our feed then you can do so by clicking our RSS feed subscription link.  Now, if today is your first day visiting, then welcome and you’ve come on the right day.  We are going to recap some of our most popular posts by subject.

Home & Mortgage:

General Living Advice:


Fun Stuff:

Here’s to the last 6 months, and here’s to the next 6 months!  Thanks for being a reader and making this happen, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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