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Energy Drinks

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Many people have their vices.  Starbucks, nail appointments, alcohol, and a laundry list of others.  While, in moderation, many of these things are harmless and can really increase the quality of one’s day, they become problems when they are “needed.”  A relatively new phenomenon comes in the form of a new caffeinated soft drink: the Energy Drink. 

The Energy Drink Craze

Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, NOS, and the list goes on.  Chances are that you have tried one, heard of one, or saw one at a gas station.  As a person that likes to partake in one of these every once in a while, I’m very familiar with many of the different offerings available, I too have known people that have allowed them to become habitual requirements in their lives. 

I won’t venture to say they were addicted to these drinks, as they were able to properly function without them, but they definitely always found a reason to get one.  The biggest issue that I see with this is that an energy drink can easily cost in excess of $2.00 each.  While this may not seem like a lot of money, basic mathematics tells us that the money adds up over time. 

What Else Could You Buy?

Another thing to consider is that for the average energy drink price you could get a 12 pack of regular soda product.  Some might see that as an advantage or a disadvantage.  The more effective way to consider the cost is what you could do with that money rather than buy drinks with it.  Putting the money in a savings account or investment would be a very smart thing to do! 

I think that one of the more nefarious things about energy drinks is that it has successfully enabled kids to spend as much on a drink as adults do on alcohol.  Maybe I’m digging too far into it, but when I was a kid, there is no way that my parents would have allowed me to purchase a sugar water that cost as much as a cold beer. 

What Am I Getting At?

But, enough with the demonizing, as it isn’t only energy drinks, but also Starbucks, and any other trendy premium beverages.  Energy drinks are a beverage on the market that I think are fine if enjoyed in moderation.  Even I like to have one every once in a while.  If you buy it as much as some of my friends did (2 each day, 5 times a week, 2 bucks each) then you will end up spending $2,080.00 each year, and that’s where it becomes a problem. 

The Moral of the story: It is important to control your indulgences, or they will control you.  A fellow blogger had recently celebrated one month without caffeine and you can read about Squirreler’s success with avoiding caffeine by clicking that link. 

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