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BlogWise eBook Review

BlogWise eBook Review
BlogWise eBook Review

When was the last time that you had the chance to sit down and learn from 9 expert entrepreneurs in any industry at your leisure? In all honesty, it’s hard enough to find a single book that affords that opportunity, let alone being able to do it physically. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger made it happen in his most recent eBook offering: BlogWise.

I’m working on a number of businesses concurrently, and I was excited when I found out about this book, who was in it, and what they were talking about. You might be thinking that I was excited to hear from Darren Rowse, and while I respect him for how well he has done, I was most excited about Brian Clark being in the book.

Brian Clark runs an awesome business and his company actually makes the Genesis Framework for WordPress, which nearly all my websites use! Sorry, back to the review.

BlogWise eBook Review

eBook Title: BlogWise: How to do more with less
Published by: Darren Rowse
Featuring: Darren Rowse, Amy Porterfield, Brian Clark, Abby Larson, Matt Kepnes, Heather Armstrong, Jeff Goins, Gretchen Rubin & Leo Babauta.
Bonus Content: Problem Solver
Page Count: 37
Price: $14.99

BlogWise: The Good Parts

What I loved about the format of this book was how 9 experts were brought together to share their knowledge about how they handle:

  • Productivity
  • Idea generation
  • Slumps
  • Successes & Failures
  • Work Life Balance
  • Expansion

Honestly, I think the book kind of pigeon-holed itself. This eBook applies to most industries, not just blogging. Sure, the authors provide writing tips, but the majority of their tips can apply to any business. If you’re an entrepreneur in ANY industry, then you have undoubtedly had trouble with at least one of the above things.

BlogWise is an excellent source of motivation, but it is also an excellent source of reflection. You can read what these entrepreneurs are saying and think “I do that!” or “I’ve done that” or “I’m going through that!” It’s like having a mentor at your disposal!

The final thing that I like about this book is the diverse perspective you get. Each of the entrepreneurs has their own ways of doing things. At first, I didn’t like how Leo Babauta handled things, but I also respected that his methods were so different from my own. I don’t agree with how he does everything, but I definitely came away with at least 1 lesson learned from him.

BlogWise: The Bad Parts

While it is hard to find things I didn’t like, the primary thing was the length of the book. At 37 pages, it was rather light, but I try to not get caught up on page count. I would rather have 37 pages of pure genius than 400 pages of fluff. I would have enjoyed getting more information out of each person, but with that logic, I would never get enough.

My only other complaint (if you can call it that) is that the bonus “problem solver” you get could be more useful. I think the intention is for you to reference the problem solver when you’re having a problem, but I read through the entire thing right away. The content within it are clippings from the eBook intended to address certain questions that you run into. Unfortunately, there is no different content in the problem solver.

BlogWise eBook Review Takeaways

The book was well laid out, and full of excellent information. Although the book was smaller than I would have hoped, I will not be taking advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee. I feel that I got my $15.00 worth, and believe the information I’ve garnered from BlogWise will pay me back just on the time I save alone.

If you would like to increase your productivity, or you’re just curious how 9 other superstar entrepreneurs do things, then I think BlogWise would be a great investment for you. My wife looked at me strangely when I told her I bought it, but after hearing me talk about all the awesome things I read in it, she said she was happy I purchased it. Get BlogWise and let me know what you think in the comments. If you’ve already read it, what do you think?

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