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Square Merchant Services Review

Mobile credit card processing solutions are flooding the market, but Square merchant services was one of the first. Square has an app that works on both iOS devices (Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.) and Android devices alike.

Square Merchant Services - Square Logo
Many companies want your credit card processing business. Here’s our over view of Square Merchant Services.

For anyone with previous merchant services experience, you might recall the horrendous maze of fees referred to as “interchange.” Square merchant services has changed the way credit card interchange fees are charged.

Square Merchant Services Fees

Square has two different pricing tiers:

  • A flat 2.75% fee
  • or a flat $275/month (up to $250,000)

If you process more than $10,000 in a month, then obviously the monthly fee is the better option. If you processed the $250,000 maximum in a month, that would effectively bring your fee down to 1.1%! Anything over the $250,000 would be charged at the standard 2.75% rate.

Credit card processing fees have always been a headache for businesses to account for, often resulting in hours of number crunching once you get the statement. All of that work just to make sure you weren’t charged too much!

Obviously, for larger companies that can pay someone to do that, it is a better deal, but for others it might be worth the higher rate to avoid the accounting headaches.

Square Video Review

Below is a video review that I produced of the Square Card Reader and the Square Android App. It walks you through a real sale performed on the Square App using the Square Card Reader and an Android Tablet. If you want more information regarding the sale in the video below, then read my other Square review. Below the video is Square support information including the Square Merchant Services Phone Number.

Square Merchant Services Support

Square merchant services can be reached a number of ways. Their support phone number is fairly hard to find, so I’m providing it below. While having the phone number is nice, Square also has newer support methods that might serve your needs better- such as Twitter and Email.

Square Merchant Services Phone Number

Square does have a support phone number, but it’s very hard to find. Most likely, this is due to the resources it takes to support a customer over the phone. I’m providing the number below, but make sure you try some of the other support options below too!

  • Square Customer Support Phone Number: 415-375-3176

Other Support – Square Merchant Services

Square Support Response Time Test

For your sanity, I did some support response time tests with Square and these are my findings. All tests were initiated around 5:00 to 5:30 PM Eastern on a Sunday.

At 5:15 PM I sent @SqSupport this Tweet:

and they responded exactly 1 hour later:

True to their word, my other support requests, such as a contact form request and an email support request were all addressed before the end of the evening. So, if your issue is not time sensitive, it will save you a lot of waiting around time to just send an email, or use the support form, get on with your day and Square Merchant Services will get back to you within 24 hours.

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