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Square Video Review – Credit Card Processing

Square is a credit card app for both iPhone & Android devices. 9 Days ago, I wrote about Restaurants that don’t accept credit cards, and how frustrating that is for customers. I also talked about how there isn’t really a good reason not to when companies like Square exist.

To see if I was being fair, 6 days ago, I decided to put myself through the same process I was asking these business owners. I downloaded the Square App for my Android tablet, and applied for their service. I also wrote a Square Sign Up Review detailing the process. Yesterday, I received the card reader, and made the above video review.

Square Review Verdict

After this week long experiment, I’ve come to this conclusion: Square makes it insanely simple and affordable for any business to accept credit cards. I stand by my original claims, and don’t believe there is a good reason for a business to send their customers to ATMs any longer.

I’m thoroughly pleased, so far, with the service Square provides, and I believe it will be an excellent option for small businesses everywhere to offer the conveniences that some of their bigger competitors have had. This should certainly help level the customer experience playing field!

Square: Waiting For Deposit

I ran my transaction after Square’s funding cut-off deadlines, so I believe I will receive my funding (a whole $4.00 less 2.75%) on Friday, but if I get it before then I’ll try to follow up and answer any questions you might have. Steve had a couple of excellent questions that I look forward to getting the answers to in the next few days.

Square: Deposit Update

It is only the day after I processed the transaction in the video above, and I’ve received my deposit from Square in the amount of $3.89. So, this answers two of Steve’s questions:

  1. I assumed this was the case, but now we know for sure: Square deducts the fee before depositing.
  2. Deposits happen quickly. I ran the transaction about 14 hours ago, and received deposit!
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