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Is the PayPal Money Adder a Scam? What You Need to Know About the PayPal Money Generator

Recently, I read about someone who was having a lot of financial difficulties and how they needed money to help their sick relatives. They discussed a tool they used called the “PayPal Money Adder.”

I was intrigued. Naturally, this sounds like a complete scam.

In the comments, other people chimed in talking about this tool, some referring to it as the “PayPal Money Generator.” Some said it existed and that they used it, others called it a scam or a hoax.

But what is the truth behind the PayPal Money Adder?

What Is The PayPal Money Adder?

Based on the descriptions I’ve read, the PayPal Money Adder is an application that is able to add money to your PayPal account for free. Free paypal money! What could be better? Based on the claims of others, they state that it does nothing fraudulent and simply adds money to your PayPal account. They also claim that it is perfectly legal.

So, let’s break these claims down. People claim that the PayPal Money Generator:

  • Creates money out of thin air.
  • Sends it to your PayPal account.
  • It doesn’t take the money from anyone else.
  • It doesn’t steal money from any banks, or from PayPal themselves.
  • It is completely legal.

In short, it gives you “free PayPal money.” It also seems to be called a number of different names including:

  • PayPal Money Generator
  • PayPal Money Adder
  • PayPal Monkey Generator

Is There Any Proof that the PayPal Money Adder is Real?

Besides people claiming it is real, is there any proof that it exists? Based on the comments from the articles I’ve read, there is dubious proof at best. The most I’ve seen are screenshots of the supposed application. Here are a few:



I was unable to find any legitimate download links, and I found a few websites purporting to be web app versions of the PayPal Money Generator, which are really just ways to trick people into completing surveys.

People have even gone through the trouble of creating videos of these “tools” in action. Some of them are undoubtedly just tricking you into filling out surveys so they earn money, and they others are obviously just fake videos to keep this online meme going. Here is one example video:


Is the PayPal Money Adder Real? Can I Really Get Free PayPal Money?

There is no question in my mind that the PayPal Money Adder is completely false. At the very best, it’s a joke that is being played on people, at its worst, it is used to defraud people of their money.

Make no mistake: the PayPal Money Generator is a hoax.

You should not download, install, or use any website that purports to be a “PayPal Money Adder.” You very well could lose money, or have your identity stolen by putting information into any tool that claims to be a PayPal Money Generator.

Why Do I Think the PayPal Money Generator is a Scam?

The Problem with Making Money from Nothing

There are few entities in the world that can conjure money out of thin air. Regular people, and software applications made by regular people are not part of that club. Therefore, if an application is able to just put money into your account, it’s safe to assume that something illegal is going on.

The only things I can think of that would allow this are money being stolen from other people, or money being stolen from PayPal. Luckily, because this is a hoax, I don’t think either of these things are the case.

The Application Screenshots

There are so many different screenshots of the application, they all look very different, and they’re all made by different people.

The Details of How The PayPal Money Generator Works

There are absolutely no details at all about how the application works. Surely, if someone figured out how to generate money from nothing and put it into your account, there would be some explanation about how the application does it. There are no explanations, and all of the articles and screenshots treat the software like a black box.

There Are No Reputable Websites Discussing The PayPal Money Adder

If an application this life-changing existed, surely some reputable websites would have discussed it. Instead, the only resources I can find regarding it are websites trying to trick people into making them money, a few articles by confused people hoping it exists and some forum posts.

PayPal’s Response

So, I decided to contact PayPal regarding this particular issue. I was assured that anyone claiming to give you “free PayPal money” is either lying, or trying to defraud you. They said there are no applications that can just “add money to your PayPal account” and to not trust anyone or any application claiming that they can do this for you.

The Final Verdict: Is the PayPal Money Generator Real?

No. No it is not. In fact, I’m a bit disappointed that I even had to write this article. Unfortunately, there are a lot of desperate people out there, and many people want push button solutions to their problems. The PayPal Money Adder / PayPal Money Generator / PayPal Monkey Generator is fake. It’s a hoax. The PayPal Money Adder is a joke. It’s a scam. That is it. Plain and simple. PayPal has even stated it does not exist. Don’t fall for it. It’s a scam.

How Can I Avoid More Scams?

I know it seems impossible. Every time you turn around, there is a new scam to watch out for. So, how can a person avoid scams? I highly suggest reading a book that was put out by AARP called “Outsmarting the Scam Artists: How to Protect Yourself From the Most Clever Cons.” Not only does the book contain real stories from people who have been scammed, but it also includes interviews with con artists who have scammed people and they reveal some of their secrets so you can learn from them.

How Can I Make Money If the PayPal Money Adder is Fake?

If you’ve found this article because you were researching the PayPal Money Adder, then I’m sorry to have given you this bad news. Naturally, I assume you’re looking for ways to make money. On this site, I provide numerous ways for you to make money. You can start out here with some ideas on how to start earning some money.

I also have numerous business ideas you can use, and I don’t charge a dime for any of this information. It’s all free for you to use to better your life. The PayPal Money Adder might be a hoax, but there is always hope for making money to get yourself out of some tough situations. Good luck!

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