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Money Making Ideas for College Students

Money Making Ideas for College Students
Getting a college education is no small financial expenditure and this is why you need a few money making ideas. Aside from the tuition costs you are going to pay, there are so many expenses for books, materials, projects, and other college-related items.

Of course, your living expenses have to be figured into the equation as well, such as dorm or apartment costs, transportation, food, clothing, and entertainment. We’re not even talking yet about the college loans you will have to continue paying long after you graduate.

Since college is a time of learning, after all, it is also one of the best places that a person can learn to be resourceful and creative in earning money. Usual money making ideas for college students, such as on-campus jobs or off-campus part-time employment, are still viable, but often not enough to meet demand; in many areas, you are also competing with others looking for employment who are not necessarily students, and in this tough employment market, the options can be limited.

Ideas for College Students to Make Money

Here are some creative money making ideas you can explore as you go through college:

  1. Find online freelancing jobs. If you have writing, programming, blogging, or other online content production and design skills, you may be able to get freelance gigs on established sites such as Elance and Odesk. Hours are flexible and great for balancing with your classes. Best of all, you can stay in your dorm room while working, which means less transportation costs.
  2. Be a tutor. What subjects do you excel at? You may be able to teach someone on campus who needs additional help. If you have contacts with local area schools, you may even be able to help grade school or high school students who need extra instruction in basic subjects. Online tutoring is also an option you can look into with the use of webcams or chat rooms.
  3. Offer odd job services. People are always looking for others to help them with landscaping or mowing the lawn, babysitting on certain nights or weekends, house cleaning, and other chores and tasks. Market yourself as an all-around guy for errands and tasks; it builds character and work ethic, and you also learn basic entrepreneurial skills.
  4. Become a personal trainer. Are you a fitness enthusiast? Most college campuses have fitness centers frequented by students, and you may be able to offer your services as a fitness trainer. More into yoga, tai chi, meditation, or martial arts? These are popular with college students as well; set up a class, collect a fee, and become an instructor.
  5. Deliver newspapers. Despite the continuing growth of online media, newspapers are still being delivered to loyal subscribers every day. Newspaper delivery is usually done very early in the morning, so this would likely not be a conflict with your class schedules.
  6. Design cool T-shirts. Web sites such as Zazzle.com are constantly accepting cool, witty, funny T-shirt designs and ideas. If they accept yours, you get a percentage of every sale.
  7. Set up an online store. E-commerce has made it easier for anyone to find a niche and start an online business. Figure out products that you can make that are in demand; perhaps partnering with other friends on campus would be a great idea. An online store does take up more time for marketing and customer service, so you’ll have to manage your time carefully.

Hopefully these money making ideas have helped you or at least got you thinking of other great ways to defray some of those college expenses!

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