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Mission Statement

Wealth Artisan exists to help you go from where you are to where you want to be. To empower you with ideas to make bold decisions with confidence. To inspire you to overcome those who say “you can’t.”

  • To provide information that will help you take a dream, set goals, take action, then achieve that dream.
  • To provide information that will help you take a dream, then achieve it.
  • Dream, then achieve.

Wealth Artisan Manifesto

This manifesto is to help explain why Wealth Artisan exists. It is meant to expand upon our mission statement by providing a set of beliefs that will guide our writing.

Our Beliefs About Our Readers

  1. You can achieve more than you’ve been led to believe.
  2. You can achieve your dreams as long as you’re willing to work hard enough.
  3. Your future isn’t determined by your past.
  4. You don’t have to fit the mold that others make for you.
  5. You are responsible for your success.

Our Beliefs About the World

  1. School teaches to implicitly obey authority and not question it. The world is molded by people who ask “why?”
  2. College isn’t for everyone and often leads to a cubicle and unfulfilled life.
  3. We don’t believe debt is good.
  4. We don’t believe jobs are intrinsically safe.
  5. We don’t believe entrepreneurship is intrinsically risky.
  6. Being “a dreamer” isn’t bad. The world we exist in was crafted by “dreamers.”

Our Beliefs About Success

  1. Success is achieved through hard work.
  2. Success rarely occurs without change.
  3. Change is difficult and going against the grain will make you uncomfortable.
  4. Let others advise you, but don’t let them make your decisions.
  5. Anyone can succeed, so long as they try.

Our Beliefs About Failure

  1. Always pick yourself back up.
  2. Take responsibility for your failures.
  3. Don’t repeat your failures hoping for success, make changes.
  4. Be honest about your trajectory. Pivoting when you’re heading towards failure is much better than reaching failure.
  5. Blaming others is lazy.

Finally, you are fully capable of achieving your goals dreams, and aspirations. You have the capabilities to learn what you need, to make your wildest dreams possible. If you have the drive, determination and the ability to keep moving forward when others say “no”, then we have good news for you: it’s not a matter of if, but when.

About Wealth Artisan

What is a “Wealth Artisan?”

An artisan is a skilled person who makes things by hand. This site was founded for people who are ready to move on from the typical prepackaged life to crafting their future; crafting their wealth. We believe that a wealth artisan is someone who is ready to roll up their sleeves and take charge of their life.

How Does Wealth Artisan Make Money?

To support the creation of great, freely accessible content, Wealth Artisan makes money in two ways:

  • Display advertising
  • Affiliate commissions

Display Advertising

As you may have noticed, Wealth Artisan has display advertisements. We make money from these advertisements when people view and click on the advertisements. We use leading companies and services like Google Adsense, Ezoic, and Media.net to manage these advertisements.

Affiliate Commissions

In addition to display advertising, some articles may refer you to different products or services. Generally, we only offer reviews for products and services we, or the author submitting the article have actually used.

We spend a lot of time researching these products and services, to ensure we provide a well-rounded perspective. Even if our own experience was positive, we will often look for critical reviews from others to see if there is a consistently reported problem we should consider mentioning in our review.

After all, you, our readers, are the reason that this site succeeds, and we wouldn’t be around if we were sending our readers to bad products and services. We need our readers to trust our information and come back to our site for information in the future. That’s the highest compliment.

Regarding compensation, if you choose to buy a product or service that is suggested through our website, then we receive a commission for this. It does not affect the price you pay, and we greatly appreciate your help in supporting the creation of quality, freely accessible content.

We also have an FTC disclosure that details this information as well.

Wealth Artisan Content

What You Will Find

Wealth Artisan covers the following primary topics:

Our goal is to provide well-thought-out ideas to help you achieve your goals in these areas. Whether you want to get out of debt or leave the cubicle behind for a business, we’re here to help.

What You Will Not Find

Here are some things that you will not find at Wealth Artisan:

  • Get rich quick schemes.
  • Business “opportunities” with hidden upstart costs.
  • The best deals on the biggest, newest flat screen TV.
  • We don’t believe in, nor promote “Uber-Consumerism
  • The best ways to use debt to leverage your investments.

We have an anti-debt ideology. Yes, some people can use debt as a tool, but many others are financially ruined by it. For the sake of our readers we will discourage unnecessary debt.


We’re on the internet, but should you need to reach us in the real world, our mailing address in sunny Florida is:

Wealth Artisan
14851 State Road 52, Unit 107
Suite #223
Hudson, Florida 34669-4061

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