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Wealth Artisan Year 1 In Review

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As you may know, it the Wealth Artisan is now 1-year-old!  It’s been an interesting year with a lot of great things happening.  We’ve helped a lot of people, provided a lot of information, and learned many things along the way.

The Most Interesting Month

I’d have to say that our most interesting month was November.  We were featured on WordPress.com and received about 300% more views than a normal month for us.  They featured “Black Friday is Coming and I NEED EVERYTHING!”  I’ve heard many people say that articles you think are going to do well can sometimes be the worst ones, and articles that you think are just OK can really resonate.

That is one of those times.  I liked the Black Friday article, but I thought that it went against the grain a lot, and wouldn’t find much success.  To date, it has been the most successful article we’ve ever had.  It was definitely a neat experience.

Investment Articles

We have quite a few investment related articles, but we generally try to stick to lifestyle related writings.  I find that there are plenty of people out there handing our investment opinions, so I really like to put well thought out lifestyle personal finance information out there.  We’ve had a couple of really popular investment articles including:

Lifestyle Articles

As we said above, we love focusing on lifestyle.  Before you can be a successful investor, you need to start by working on your lifestyle.  After all, what good is 2 million a year in investment income if you require 3 million a year to live on?  Lifestyle is extremely important to conquer before you can ever expect to win financially.  Here are some of our more popular lifestyle articles from the last year:

Series Articles

One thing that we promised to do were more involved series articles.  We like series articles because they provide an ample amount of organized information, and it is all related.  We feel this is beneficial to our readers, especially if they happen to be going through something personally that is related to the series.  Below are some of our most popular series’ and a brief description:

Balanced Financial Series with Pastor Andy Stanley

This is our most popular series.  It follows along with a sermon series (available online for free) by Pastor Andy Stanley of North Point Ministries.  It is a 6 part series where we try to build on the 3 laws of physical balance that Andy relates to financial balance.  This is a great series if you’re trying to get your finances more in-line with the Bible.

Your Health – Finance Related?

An often overlooked aspect of financial health is physical health.  In the U.S., one of the most common reasons for bankruptcy is hospital expenses.  Being healthy could be just what the financial planner ordered.  The problem with being healthy is that much of the financial benefit is incalculable.  Read this series if you want to find out some options, and their advantages.

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