Balanced Finance by Andy Stanley

Gaining & Maintaining Financial Stability

balanced finance by Andy Stanley

There is an excellent Andy Stanley finance course called “Balanced by Andy Stanley” and this is a study guide designed to go along with it. Balanced by Andy Stanley is broken into 6 individual parts which I highlight & comment along as though I’m studying it along with you. The course is presented by Andy Stanley of North Point Ministries.

North Point Ministries was kind enough to post all six parts of the Balanced Series videos in full, for free, with no registration requirements at all! I highly suggest you follow along with the videos. Now, onto the Andy Stanley – Balanced Study.

The balanced series is a great look into biblical financial principles, and gives a great, well-rounded look at finance. It definitely goes against the grain of today’s thought processes, which is why it was a perfect fit for me and hopefully for you!

Balanced Finance Andy Stanley Sections:

Part 1: Opening the books

Balanced Part 1: Opening the Books introduces us to physical law and compares and contrasts it to financial balance. It is really surprising to see how similar financial and physical balance are.

Part 2: Reading the fine print

Balanced Part 2: Reading the fine print is about what our ultimate goal should be with our money. Our heart is where we store our treasure, where does that leave God?

Part 3: Back in the black

Balanced Part 3: Back in the black is about debt’s effect on our lives. It’s amazing what debt really is until you put it into this perspective!

Part 4: Creating a new line item

Balanced Part 4: Creating a new line item is about your “extra” money and what it says about your heart. If you don’t think you have any “extra” money, then definitely read this!

Part 5: Managing your expenses

Balanced Part 5: Managing your expenses is about discontentment, and how you can use discontentment to better your life. It also discusses how discontentment can destroy your life.

Part 6: Developing a plan

Balanced Part 6: Developing a plan is about your financial plan and how your current priorities will affect every other aspect of life. Priorities can make or break you financially.

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