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Still using that landline phone?

If you are still using a traditional land line phone then you may seriously want to consider getting that fixed. Depending on your features, you may be paying up to $60.00 a month! For $40.00 a month you could get an unlimited cell phone plan (taxes included, No contract) at MetroPCS, for $50.00 a month you can get an unlimited, no-contract plan with the more well known Boost Mobile, for $25.00 a month you can get a VOIP (Voice Over IP, aka Internet phone) from Vonage, and for $1.67 a month you can use Magic Jack.

Most of these services should lower the cost of your phone services, and some of them would lower it drastically. If you have a cell phone with a plan and a land line then you could easily replace the two with an unlimited plan from one of the above companies. We cannot attest to the quality of service from those companies but it’s worth looking into.

Some things to consider when making the switch:

  • verify they have 911 service
  • find out what can prevent you from not having a phone (example: many of the above are affected if the Internet goes down).
  • verify that they adequately service your area of the country
  • look up company dependability
  • try to verify call clarity and quality
  • find out if they provide a phone, or if you need to purchase a special phone
  • This list may not be all inclusive and if there is anything we’re missing please let us know so we can add it.


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