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Small Business Ideas for Men to Do on the Weekends

Sometimes, having an eight-to-five job isn’t enough to make you financially successful or stable. It can, but with all the necessities you and your family need to have, it’s not enough. As per the norm, men have this sense of responsibility in them to financially provide for the family. Although you can work hand-in-hand with your partner, the father is the head of the family—the team player who only wants the best for his team.

In this article, we find alternative strategies or business ideas for men to earn extra when you’re off of work. It may be a hobby, interest or a showcase of skills you can share to earn extra bucks. If you’re planning to be totally self-employed someday, this kind of experience would go a long way. Having a small business would enhance your skills, impart new knowledge, and help you make wiser decisions in the long run.

Factors to Consider When Starting a Small Business

Given that every person has the entrepreneur instinct inside them, you would still need several factors to make your business ideas for men work. 

Here are several factors you need to consider before putting up your business:

An ‘AHA!’ Moment

It is your business idea. The Aha! moment starts burning the fire in starting your own business. You need to research and see all sides of your idea if it’s SMART—Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Sufficient Knowledge

Just like the first factor, you must research and gain sufficient knowledge—if not expertise—regarding this field of business you are venturing in. It may be your favorite hobby, interest or skill that makes you competent in achieving this goal.

You should also ask yourself important questions that would affect your business. What is the current trend in this market? What does the target market want? Who are your competitors? Is your location strategic? Will your business prosper regardless of the competition present? These are just some of the questions you need to answer before pushing through your business idea.

Capital and Financial Costs

Men, remember that your business ideas won’t come to life without capital. Capital, in accounting, is the source of funds or the assets introduced by the owners. It may be cash or equipment being given to that business, which may help it to be successful.

Small Business Ideas for Men

Event Planning

Do you have the passion to plan and organize events—may it be weddings, birthdays, debuts or reunions? You may be on your full-time job during weekdays, and an event coordinator during the weekends! You’re the celebrant’s superhero for saving their day by having a stress-free and fabulous event. You are in-charge in coordinating—from the delicious food to the smooth program and logistics.

Band Gigs

Your love for music may earn you extra bucks by having band gigs here and there. Form a band and build your network. Who knows? Your band might be discovered, and get booked for big events.

Event’s MC

Your charming personality may lead you to become an event’s Master of Ceremony. As long as you can manage the crowd and win their attention, it goes to show that you are an effective MC. It may be from small gatherings to big events—birthday parties, weddings, family reunions, office meetings, office events, and the likes.

Photography Business

Do you have an eye for photography? You can be a freelance photographer, then. Just like at the abovementioned, you can freelance on various events, may it be small or big. Showcase your innate eye for photography, and capture the moments your client would surely cherish for life. 

Marketing your talent can be done through word of mouth, and networking can be through successful event bookings. You should create a social media page or website for your services, too, to connect with potential clients.

Teach Art to Kids

Share your artistic skills by teaching kids during weekends. You can teach them how to draw, sketch, paint or make murals. You could have one-on-one private sessions or conduct a class of 10 kids or so, depending on your location. It could be in your backyard or a spare room in your house, which can be converted to a makeshift classroom.

Be a Sports Coach

Be a coach of a sport that is close to your heart. It may be basketball, tennis, badminton, soccer or football. If you are living in a neighborhood with a gym or court, you can conduct your coaching lessons there. Kids would surely enjoy learning a new sport. Be sure to equip yourself with extra patience; kids tend to take time to get the hang of things sometimes.

Freelance Content Writer 

There are several websites that offer freelance content writing you can apply for. An example of this site is Upwork, in which you can apply for jobs by sending proposals and cover letters. After passing the screening, you may have the chance to get a contract.

Tour Services

If you have the knowledge about your town or city and the charm to make your audience listen attentively to you, then you can offer tour guide services.

Graphic Design Service

Do you have the skill for photo editing or graphic designing? You may offer this skill, and be commissioned for your work! You can offer services, such as shirt designing, tarpaulin designing, or designing public materials, invitations, posters, flyers, and many more.

Pressure Washing Business

Give others a helping hand in cleaning their houses, buildings, and the likes with this pressure washing business. It can be surely done on the weekends through bookings, and you don’t need to invest a big amount of money to start up. 

Home Landscaping

Take a break from your office work by working outside, doing landscaping and gardening. Help your friends in the community improve the look of their garden or front yard, and be the go-to guy for their home landscaping needs.

Offer Financial Services

If you have the charm to be a salesperson by offering financial services, like life insurance, then this business might be for you. You can be a financial advisor who helps someone achieve their financial goals. Having this kind of work is time-flexible, so you can do this and meet people during the weekends or after your eight to five job.

Open a Pop-Up Shop

You can do a weekend yard sale/pop-up shop in your backyard. Items may include decluttered things from your general home cleaning or retail items at a discounted price. Who knows? These might be treasures to the new owners.

Pet Services

Services such as pet sitting or pet walking is a good small business to open up, as lots of people have pets. This way, you could also help your customers tend to their pet’s needs when they are unavailable at the moment. This is also applicable when the pet owner is on vacation and they have no one to leave their pets to. Let them be assured that their adored pets are in good hands.

Grocery Errand Service

There are some busy bees who cannot afford to do their own grocery shopping. Usually, some factors why they couldn’t do so is because of the traffic, long lines, no time, or even the mere fact that their groceries are heavy. You can set up a business wherein they can do their grocery shopping with their smartphones, and you deliver it right at your doorstep.

The challenge with this business, however, is the planning aspect and deciding whether or not you should employ helpers.

Carpool Service

If you have a car, you can offer carpools on weekends. You can also do this if you have ample time after your work shift and before you go to work, especially if your customers live nearby and their destination isn’t out of the way. This business may capitalize your gasoline fund, yes?

Middleman Service

In this type of business, you’re not selling a product per se. Rather, you’re connecting your buyer to a seller. You would need to have extensive knowledge on the market of your choice, and you have to know or be connected to manufacturers or wholesale sellers. 

Your clients could be event planners who need party supplies, interior decorators looking for house decors, and so on. You get the gist!

All-in-One Errands Service

Have an all-in-one errands service center that is always on the go. This type of business, however, is more convenient if you hire personnel to dispatch to your clients. You can create a website or social media page where customers can book or ask help with their errands. It would also be much better if you can develop an app your customers can download for easier contact.

Starting it All

With all these small business ideas for men you can start up with, always remember that passion, compassion and hard work combined would do the trick in making your business successful. There are a lot of alternatives to earn extra bucks, and there’s nothing wrong about that. In fact, it allows you to grow and be more skilled and knowledgeable. 

Best of luck on your future endeavors, aspiring businessmen and CEOs!

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