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Remember The Library?

Is There A Book Rental Service?

Why not rent library books?

In our recent article about saving money by buying books with PaperBackSwap.com, we discussed the various ways you can make your book purchases much cheaper, but what about reading books for free?  Do you remember the library? The person in the picture above forgot, and while it’s easy to laugh at such a silly question, how often do we forget but just not vocalize it?

Libraries used to be a mainstay for many people, and still is for some, but many out there cannot remember the last time we’ve been in one. Look at your bookshelf, or the eBooks on your eReader at the books you’ve already read. Have you read them again? will you read them again?

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t purchase books, reference books, for one example, are books you need around on occasion. Think of all of the money spent on books that you’ve read once, when you simply could have patronized the local library.

What about the late fees?

Many people get upset about late fees, damage fees, or lost book fees at the library, but they don’t hesitate to drop 30 dollars on the newest best seller just to read it once and condemn it to a life of dust collection. Save your money, patronize the library, and help keep up demand for these free (taxes aside) bastions of knowledge.

But books are boring!

It’s too bad if you find books boring, but libraries offer other things as well.  Not only do libraries have books but they often have audio books, and videos as well.  Additionally, they also offer various childrens’ programs like story times and other activities.

This not only will allow you to get books inexpensively, but it will also allow you to have a cheap, fun, and wholesome family nights, and entertainment.  Have a story night for the kids, or read a book with your husband and wife.  Contrary to popular belief in our consumerist society and our credit card culture, you can have fun without spending a ton of money.

Often, the fun times where large sums of money are spent contain very little quality time, but that subject is for another post.  Patronize your local library, save money, and enjoy your time.

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