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Mint.com: Mint Video Review

Update for 2019:

While this article is a few years old, it still covers many of the useful features that Mint.com offers. After all these years, Mint is still a tool that I use (in addition to others). If you’re looking for a more updated review, and a great comparison, then check out my recent article: EveryDollar vs. Mint: Which Budgeting App is Better?

Mint.com Video Review

In our New Year’s Resolutions, we said that we wanted to provide more service reviews. We’ve been using Mint.com for some time now and thought it would be the perfect service to review, while also making our very first video. Without further adieu, here is the very first WealthArtisan.com video, and a review of Mint.com‘s service.

Demo Site URL: https://wwws.mint.com/demoUser.event

If you don’t have time to watch the entire video, then we made an extremely convenient video break down below for you to use so you can scan over it.  Video Breakdown:

Mint.com Main Screen

  • Mint.com Introduction: @00:00
  • Mint.com Main Screen Overview: @00:32

Accounts in Mint.com

  • Overview of Account Screen: @01:58
  • Adding Accounts: @03:30
  • Adding a Manual Account: @04:25

Transactions in Mint.com

  • Viewing and Editing Individual Transactions: @05:35
  • Querying for Related Transactions: @06:02

Budgets in Mint.com

  • Quick Budget Review: @06:52
  • Adding a Budget: @07:14

Goals in Mint.com

  • Goals overview: @08:09
  • Adding a Goal: @08:40

Trends in Mint.com

  • Trends overview: @09:46
  • Spending Reports: @09:55
  • Income Report: @11:40
  • Net Income Reports: @11:50
  • Assets Report: @12:00
  • Debts Report: @12:08 (not a lot of time spend here!)
  • Net Worth Report: @12:12

Investments in Mint.com

  • Investments Overview: @12:30 (sorry there wasn’t much info on this, the Mint Demo had no info loaded to work with)

Ways To Save in Mint.com

  • Ways to Save overview: @13:05

Shameless Plug

Thank You

  • Our super appreciative thank you. If you like being thanked, listen to this part: @14:23
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