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Free Book Rental: To The Library!

How often do you find yourself racking your brain for answers just to realize the answer is so clearly obvious? I’d like to say it never happens to me, but I’d be a liar in the order of Mark Whitacre. Just the other day, I was at a bookstore looking through all of the awesome new titles that are out.

I find bookstores to be terribly inspiring, but please laugh once I’m out of earshot. While browsing through, I added book after book to my mental checklist, wishing these were free books.

I would undoubtedly go home, scan over Amazon, Paper Back Swap and buy them for the best price possible. Sometimes though, now syndrome would overcome me because of my excitement and I would consider paying the insane price on the cover, but I abstained.

My Name’s Timothy & I’m A Book-A-Holic

Before we can continue further, you must know that I’m a book-a-holic. I love books, and I have plenty of them! The problem is there are many where I’ve already assimilated the knowledge, and don’t really need them anymore.

I could trade them on PaperBackSwap.com (on my to-do list, I promise!), but had I not purchased them in the first place, I wouldn’t have the problem.

But how does a person read a book without buying it? I suppose I could read the books in one sitting at the book store, but that would be immoral. I could buy the book, read it, then return it, but that would be even more immoral.

If only there were a Redbox for books, a blockbuster of book rental stores (but less bankrupt, ZING!). What would make it even better is if renting the books were free!

Eureka! A Free Book Rental Store

This thought process got me thinking of an image I had seen online which prompted me to write a funny little post: Remember The Library? It has been a good while since I’ve been to the library, but I realized that this is what I needed. I didn’t need to be in some massive bookstore pining for the new, but untouchable releases. Free books were just a short drive away.

I needed to be at the Free Book Rental Store: The Library! So, I told my wife about the groundbreaking idea and we set a date to go to the library so I could get a new card, and get the books I needed. Today was that day, and I surely can say that it is everything I ever hoped it could be.

The Library Wasn’t Completely Free

No, I’m not going to launch into some long-winded, frowney face “my taxes already footed the bill” argument. The Library wasn’t free because I needed to buy a replacement library card. This left a $1 dent in my wallet, but I think we’ll recover. I could always just take a loan out against the 401K or a second mortgage if necessary.

For $1, I now have a permanent membership to a semi-elite club of book consuming, information hoarders, and I’m enjoying 4 nearly free books (One free book at a time of course!). Jealous? Don’t be, just join your local library! It’ll probably be free for you, I was gouged because I lost my card from a few years ago.

What About You?

  • When was the last time you went to your library?
  • Do you often purchase books, then never read them again?
  • Do you purchase books and not get around to reading them?
  • Why do you like/dislike using the library system?

Image: Paul / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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