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Financial Pillar of Strength

What Is A Pillar Of Strength

A pillar is a load bearing structure that helps keep buildings standing.  A financial pillar of strength is a person that is strong, dependable, and intelligent about finances.  They are kind, fair, and level-headed in their approach to finances.  They accept criticism and understand that they will not be correct in every situation, but are willing to make the unpopular decision when everyone else is making the bad decisions.  The financial pillar’s motivation is to protect and provide for the ones they love, and to provide a stable environment.

How Do You Become One

To become a financial pillar of strength you must first establish yourself with financial rules and understandings:

  • You must break financial bad habits
  • You must avoid financial temptations
  • You must demonstrate stability and integrity
  • You must be a bastion of financial knowledge
  • You must show unwavering confidence in well thought out decisions
  • You must be open to discussion.

A financial pillar of strength must be strong enough to make the unpopular decisions, and present them with confidence.  They must be educated about finances and understand the needs, goals, and wants of their family.  A financial pillar of strength should know how to give direction and guidance, but be open enough to listen, understand, and adjust to the suggestions of the ones they love.

A financial pillar is supposed to be supportive, loving, strong, and encouraging.  It is the pillar’s job to bring all who are involved together to discuss the finances fairly and openly.  The financial pillar must display consistency, integrity, and lead by example.  A financial pillar of strength should want a democracy and try to cultivate other participants to be pillars as well.  Remember, few buildings are held up by one pillar.

What Is The Hardest Part of Being One

The hardest part of being a financial pillar of strength is having to be the person that makes the unpopular decisions.  This is especially difficult if you were a person that easily gave into temptation because you are fighting against your natural response.  Being the person to put the foot down is never easy, especially when your significant other responds in a less than approving manner.  This is not to say that you must be ruthless in your approach, but if you know that there is a right and wrong decision, then it is your job to choose the right decision and plead your case so that your significant other knows what you’re thinking.

Communication is probably the most important factor when it comes to being a financial pillar of strength, because without it you are just a frugal financial dictator that loves money and doesn’t want to have fun.  The motivation of being a financial dictator is not to rule with an iron fist, but to be a support structure that keeps the roof from falling on the people who dwell within.  Sometimes that may require you to know what’s best, but you must do the best you can so that everyone involved knows why you are making the decisions you are.

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