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A Thank You This Memorial Day

Thank You

Thanks To The Men & Women In Uniform

 We write freely today because a veteran defended our First Amendment.  We openly celebrate and worship our God because a veteran defended our First Amendment.  We enjoy a safer environment, our own homes, our vehicles, the English language, clean water, electricity, literacy, books, and even computers because veterans defended us.

We enjoy the basic necessities of life, and many of the niceties that people in other countries wish they had, because veterans defended us.  The politics of war are never clear, and the motives are even more unclear, but the celebration of our veterans is agnostic of those contingencies.  It is not the veterans, nor the active servants that choose the motives and the politics, save that protest for the leaders.

Today we celebrate the sacrifices, whether it be giving up their lives, risking their lives, being away from their families or simply yielding their weekends to defend our coast (a sacrifice that many civilians aren’t even willing to make!).  Today we honor the fallen, regardless of how unpopular the war may have been, because they gave up their lives for us.  The soldiers were told where to go, and they abided, but I assure you that they fought not because a President pointed his finger, but because the soldier has a family at home, friends at home, and people who depend on them.

If you are living in the America we know today, then you depended on a soldier at some point, whether that soldier died before you were born or not.  Yes, America is not perfect, we’re far from it, but we enjoy this country, we enjoy our day-to-day lives, and we thank the men and women that risked more than we could ever imagine to defend it.  Were you asked to potentially give up your life today?  Because there are thousands of soldiers that wake up to that call everyday, and we thank you.

God Bless America, God Bless Our Soldiers, and We pray that our leaders use discernment and reason, avoid greed and temptation, in all of the decisions that they make, Amen.

Photo Credit: Jon ‘ShakataGaNai’ Davis

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