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Disney Bought Lucas Film – What Does this Mean for Disney and Star Wars?

Disney bought Lucas Film for $4.05 Billion Dollars. To many, Disney bought Star Wars, but Disney got a lot more than just Star Wars.

Disney bought Lucas Film for 4 Billion - Pile of Money

What does this mean for Disney, and what does this mean for the Star Wars franchise?

Hardcore fans around the world are lamenting at the idea, but others are excited. Disney has reported that they intend to make an additional 3 Star Wars films, the first arriving in 2015.

Disney Bought Lucas Film for $4 Billion!

While this may seem like a lot, Disney has some other large purchases under their belt:

Disney is the largest entertainment company, and has years of experience doing this exact thing. For a more comprehensive list of Disney assets, you can review this Wikipedia page.

Will Disney Destroy Star Wars?

Disney bought Lucas Film for $4 billion dollars, they’re going to be very careful!

A lot of assertions are being made but I doubt that Disney will destroy Star Wars. I say this for a few reasons:

  • Disney’s business was built on story-telling.
  • Disney continues this tradition, not to mention they haven’t infringed on Pixar’s ability to tell great stories.
  • Disney has done quite well with Marvel.
  • Disney just paid 4 Billion for LucasFilm, they’re not about to stray away from the recipe. In fact, they might even try to avoid the mistakes that George Lucas was claimed to have made in his more recent films.
  • Disney is retaining George Lucas as a consultant.

What Does This Mean for Disney?

I believe that Disney has made a strong purchase that will pay huge dividends indefinitely. Star Wars is an iconic film, but Disney has purchased more than a film but a way of life.

You can purchase the rights to any film, but few films have such an extensive universe built around it, especially in the real world. This is what makes Star Wars such a strong franchise.

Few times in history have we seen such an asset simply purchased, and I think this will benefit Disney incalculably.

I think there is a lot of value to be had from the Star Wars franchise, and Disney will reap these benefits. Disney bought Lucas Film, and I think I’m pretty excited about it.

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