Uber-Consumer(ism) Explained:

 Uber Consumer(ism) Explained:

Uber-Consumerism Is Like A Tornado Sucking Up Everything In Its Path.

We will use the term “Uber-Consumer” or “Uber-Consumerism” which is a term we’ve coined to describe a new level of consumerism, throughout our blog.

We think it is necessary to define this term so that there is no confusion about what we mean. Uber-Consumerism describes a person or an ideology with an insatiable need to buy nearly useless items.

Commercials Are The Vessel

This ideology is embodied in commercials that we see in magazines, television, and on the Internet which have two goals: to make you completely unhappy with what you have, and to give you a way to “fix” it.

But If You Act Now…

By making you unhappy with what you have you are more inclined to “upgrade.” You need a bigger house, a faster car, a better image, a cooler phone, a flatter TV, and so forth. Uber-Consumerism, by its very nature, works in tandem with debt.

The more you consume and exceed your standard of living, the more debt you will take on. This ideology has been thrust upon the American public and it has worked like a charm. It is important to break away from Uber-Consumerism, and the debt that accompanies it, if you truly want to become free and wealthy.