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Writing Articles Online

There are a number of ways to earn passive income, but by far the best performing ones that we have seen so far has been writing online.  If you’ve decided that you want to write articles online then this is for you.

Writing Articles Online

First, you must decide how you want to get paid.  You can get paid per article, but that isn’t passive income.  What we are looking for is residual or passive income.  The two most common methods for passive monetization are ad revenue and affiliate marketing.  Once you know the model you want, it will help you decide which platform (the place/software you use to write) you want to use.  Once you find the platform, try and learn from others on that platform.  Most writing platforms have a community of writers and the great thing about a community of writers that get paid for writing is that they will typically write about what makes them successful, so they can in turn make money off that article!

Writing Platforms

We try not to be biased but our favorite platform to make money writing is Hubpages.  We’ve had excellent results and continue to.  There are many other places to write at, but Hubpages has been the best in our experience.  There are other platforms available like Squidoo, Helium, and eHow.  eHow is slightly different in that you don’t really write articles so much as you do concise step by step guides on how to do something.

Pick Your Niche

Pick a niche, no matter who you are, you know something about something.  Find your niche and write about it.  Are you wondering what a niche is?  It is a specific area of expertise, but a really focused niche will serve you best.  For example, games could be your niche, but it doesn’t have a lot of focus.  you could decide to do board games, video games, or party games.  There is a such thing as getting too specific which could alienate your articles from search traffic.

An example of this would be writing about Atari games made during 1974, this will limit your content, and it would require very specific kinds of people, many of which may not be seeking that kind of information.  Become an expert on the topic and write, write, write.  The more you write, the more likely it will be that your article is popping up under searches for that information.  If you can establish yourself as an expert then the links will come with it!

Know Your Niche, Know Your Readers, and Know Your Platform

Learn how your platform will create ads, where your traffic will come from, how to increase your traffic, and if there are any special payout rules.  An example of payout rules: Google Adsense requires you to earn $100.00 before they will pay you.  Find out what kind of competition your niche has in that community and try to find out if your articles will rank in search engines with that platform.  Newer platforms will typically be more generous about payouts, but they tend to have less search engine rank.  You can look at the overall Google PageRank of the platform to get an idea of how the platform is doing.

Begin Writing Your Articles

Once you are confident in the niche and how things will work, try to write a few articles and get things moving.  Don’t get discouraged right away, because it will take a little bit before meaningful traffic comes through.  In a few weeks to months you should begin to see actual money rolling in rather than the pennies and nickels in the beginning.  It all depends on the topics you pick, the niche, the platform, and your commitment.  You fully control the outcome of how you do, and the harder and better that you write the better the result will be.

If you write high quality articles in a valuable niche, then you will see great rewards, and the more you write, the greater the rewards.  Be sure to promote yourself, and link between your articles.  If you can generate high quality links outside of the writing community then you will also see better search engine rankings, and better search engine rankings means more income.  Some people don’t have the patience to write articles online, but if you can do it, then you will find a treasure trove of passive income waiting to jump into your pocket.

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