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We Are Up To The Challenge

The Wealth Artisan is generally about going against the grain.  The average Joe wants the big screen TV, the credit card with a big limit, and a new car, but that isn’t how true Wealth Artisan’s behave.  Wealth Artisan’s stand in the face of commercialism and say “No, that’s OK, I don’t need what you are offering.”  Wealth Artisan’s stand in the face of ridiculing family members that look at them like they are crazy because they don’t think debt is OK or that it is normal to buy a new house every two years.

Because of our financial philosophies we think it is important to get this message out to as many people as possible, and to do that we have joined up with a network of like-minded bloggers that intend on helping each other get the message out.  The Wealth Artisan has joined the Yakezie Challenge.  The goal of this challenge is for each of the members to help promote the other members and get the word out.  We have a good message that we want to get out to as many people as possible and we hope this helps that happen.

There are quite a few people involved in this, and there is a lot of great content that you will begin to see included.  There will be a treasure trove of new possibilities, and many new challenges.  We are excited about this new partnership and look forward to all of the benefits that it will bring to The Wealth Artisan.

We think that this will be a very positive and uplifting challenge for all members and all of our readers.  Thank you for your support, and you can expect that we will continue providing the absolute best information we can the way we know how.

Without Further Adieu, here are some of the newest members that joined up with the same challenge:

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