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This instead of that: Dinner Date

Dinner dates, they are the most fundamental aspect of a relationship.  What is more romantic than going out to a fancy restaurant, getting a fine bottle of wine, hearing that amazing music, being in the perfect atmosphere, and enjoying the company of the person you adore?  The only problem is that it comes with a cost, and typically an expensive one!

Many people think that saving money and a lovely dinner date are mutually exclusive concepts, but they can work together quite cohesively.  Instead of going to the fancy restaurant you can take your date to a beach, to a viewing deck on a building, to a mountain side, to a remote cliff to watch a romantic sunset.  If you have a patio or a terrace with a decent view then you can set up a small table with candles and flowers.  You can take a picnic basket to any of the above listed location.

If you and your significant other like grilling, then you can bring a portable barbeque or a Coleman stove to cook your food on site.  A nice restaurant is nice, but going through the effort of arranging your own sunset dinner would probably leave a lasting impression that will be remembered for years to come.  It will help you save money, and your effort will shine through far more than any darkly dimmed restaurant.

Depending on how big you typically do, if you own a roomy boat you could take her out for a sunset picnic on the water.  Either way, saving money doesn’t always mean staying inside your house; it can be just as romantic (or more) if you think about all of the options placed in front of you.  As the saying goes: “When there is a will, there is a way.”

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