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The Entrpreneur Mindset


I’ve said that entrepreneurship is a passion that is within you.

It is also accompanied by a mindset. It is a mindset of improvement, acceptance of responsibility and self-determination.

An entrepreneur doesn’t wish things were better. The entrepreneur identifies what can be improved and sets out to improve it.

An entrepreneur does not say “it’s someone else’s job.” The entrepreneur says “if not me, then who?

An entrepreneur does not point the finger and say “it’s their fault.” The entrepreneur looks you pointedly in the eye and says “the buck stops here, I take responsibility, and it won’t happen again.”

An entrepreneur doesn’t hope that someone (anyone!) will make things better. The entrepreneur stands up and volunteers to get things done.

An entrepreneur does not ask “when will I get my next raise?” The entrepreneur sets out to create additional value to earn more money.

An entrepreneur doesn’t ask for permission. The entrepreneur picks their-self to lead.

This is the entrepreneur mindset. Different entrepreneurs will be better at some things over others, but I think each of us has some mix of these elements.

It doesn’t work for everybody, and that’s why not everyone is an entrepreneur.

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