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SCORE Entrepreneur Webinars

SCORE.org Will Answer Your Entrepreneurial Questions!

We’ve written about SCORE.org a couple of times. If you’re unfamiliar with SCORE.org, then read our article titled “Entrepreneur Starting A Business?

As a quick refresher, SCORE is a non-profit organization in partnership with the Small Business Administration, whose entire goal is to assist small business owners.

This is accomplished a number of ways which is covered in our article mentioned above. Today, we’re going to focus on one of the resources in which SCORE tries to assist: Webinars.

What Is a SCORE Webinar?

If you’re no sure what a webinar is, it is an online seminar or a web-based seminar, thus webinar.

They also refer to these as workshops, but it is all the same. The webinars are business based content targeted towards entrepreneurs and are offered in an audio format accompanied by visual aids such as slides, or video.

How Can A SCORE Webinar Help My Business?

SCORE tackles many of the subjects that confuse business owners everyday. They cover subjects as basic as developing a business plan & obtaining a business loan, over to more mature problems such as Disaster Planning.

They cover accounting issues, marketing strategies, and even offer webinars in Spanish. This isn’t outdated information either! They have tips for social media marketing including how to tap into the power of social networks and using social media to grow your business.

Basically, if there is an aspect of business that you don’t understand, then there is a SCORE webinar to help you. I know, you’re an entrepreneur with a big “S” on your chest (Superman reference 🙂 ), but there will be things that you don’t know.

SCORE is a free resource made available to you so you can fill those knowledge gaps.

Why Shouldn’t I Use SCORE’s Webinars?

Sometimes people are just too skeptical of things that sound too good to be true. How on Earth can all of this great information be made freely to you, and it not cost you a dime? It did cost you a dime! You’ve already paid for it through taxes (I believe much of their funding comes from SBA, but don’t quote me on that). With that said, what reasons might someone have to not use this excellent resource?

  • You want your business to fail.
  • You can’t bear to bring yourself to sit down and learn how to do something new.
  • You want your business to fail.
  • Laziness.
  • You prefer to pay for this information, or spend your time scouring the internet only to trust a Yahoo! answer that cites Wikipedia.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Yahoo! Answers and Wikipedia, but save yourself the time and turn to SCORE first. There is no good reason to not use this freely available information. I don’t think this information can get any more convenient than a webinar. Maybe a live webinar would be nice – oh, SCORE does that too.

Please Note: I am in no way compensated by SCORE for this post, or any of my SCORE.org cheerleading. I just really enjoy the resource that much. They’ve helped me a ton, and I know they can help you.

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