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Save Money With Promotion Codes

Anytime that my wife or I shop online, we always do one thing before checking out: we search for promotion and coupon codes. We have saved a lot of money using this tactic, and up until recently, we were mainly limited to searching Google for codes and crossing our fingers.

Recently, I came across PromotionCode.org, and I have to say that it works quite well, and will save us a ton of time searching for codes.  They have just about every major retailer in their database and a lot of other neat stores that I browsed around that I probably wouldn’t have found by normal means of searching.

Check Them Out Before You Check Out!

My wife and I are quite used to finding coupon codes before checking out, but we know that lots of our friends and family don’t.  Typically the reason is because “they didn’t think about it” but that seems like an awfully poor reason to not save between 10 – 25%!
Even if you can’t find a code for that kind of percentage (which is rare) there is no reason that you can’t get free shipping.  Using the search feature of PromotionCode.org was very easy, and it breaks the results into 3 sections:

  • By Store
  • By Code
  • and by Category

So it is quite versatile when it comes to browsing for coupons.

Accuracy Counts

My experience with many of the coupon codes has been how accurate they are.  From the codes that I tested there was plenty of accuracy, and I love their rating system.  I’ve seen some other coupon code sites and everything just seems to be in complete disarray, but PromotionCode.org works and it works well.

Staff Confirmed Promotion Codes

They even have staff confirmed promotion codes which was really helpful.  If you’re in a hurry and you want to be reasonably confident that the first code you picks will work, then use those!  I tried JC Penney, Target, and Advance Auto Parts promotion codes and they worked perfectly!  I saved $15.00 at Advance Auto Parts, and I also qualified for their free shipping!


Throw The Excuses Away

I complain to all of my family members when they don’t use coupon codes.  They are free, they work, and they don’t take a lot of time.  There is no reason you can’t load up PromotionCode.org before you check out, search, and try some codes. Imagine how much money you’ve passed up.  I can easily say that promotion codes have saved my wife and I thousands. Give it a try, and don’t look back!

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