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ProFlowers Meet ProWife – ProFlowers Review & Complaint

Picture of ProFlowers Flowers Bouquet
Is this worth $100.00?

My father-in-law wanted to do something nice for his wife, so he decided to purchase flowers for her. He decided to use a very well-known company: ProFlowers. They’ve done plenty of marketing, and established their name among the handful of well-known, online floral retailers.

He decided that he wanted to purchase their “Lavish Roses” bouquet (lower right hand corner of the image to the right). The ProFlowers picture looked great, the vase looked nice & the flowers were just the type his wife loves! What could go wrong?

I’m sure you can surmise what happened, and that is why I’m writing this ProFlowers review. The flowers were delivered & his wife was delighted- until she opened the signature ProFlowers box. Inside, she found the bouquet that is in our image (guess which one). The pitiful ProFlowers bouquet is barely recognizable when compared to the ProFlowers image (this picture was taken the day of delivery). Even the droopy Snapdragons look ashamed to be in the bouquet!

What can’t be seen in the photo are the brown spots all over the roses and holes that are in many of the flowers.

ProFlowers Review: What Happened Next?

My wife, being the awesome wife and daughter she is, decided to rectify the problem by driving to a local grocery store and putting her own bouquet together.

To the right, allow me to introduce the ProWife bouquet! The ProFlowers bouquet cost roughly $100 after all fees, my wife made her bouquet for only $60.00.

This is the ProWife Bouquet!

Interestingly enough, the painting behind the bouquets can be used to see how massive my wife’s bouquet is versus the ProFlowers bouquet. Considering it cost 40% less, I’d have to say that my wife wins (and no, she is not a florist).

Everyone knows we pay more when purchasing from one of these online companies. We do it because it is convenient, and we expect a high quality of product. ProFlowers should feel ashamed that grocery stores carry a higher quality of product than what they claim to be pros at!

ProFlowers Review: Customer Service

What happened after this awful experience was somewhat surprising. Despite the low quality of product they sell, ProFlowers actually has pretty decent customer service. They refunded all costs, but I hope they learn a lesson from this. I did some research and see that this is a common problem for ProFlowers. Reviews certainly aren’t on their side.

Review after review showed similar failures and disappointments, which doesn’t bode well for ProFlowers. Reviews can be misleading, as most people tend to only report the bad things that happen, but in this case, I wish we would have listened. I can’t say the other companies have better reviews either, but I know there are now at least 8 people who will not purchase flowers from ProFlowers.

ProFlowers Review: Lessons to Learn

I think that everyone can learn a lesson from this story, especially entrepreneurs. If you claim to be a pro, then be a pro. If you specialize in a product, then strive for excellence. Lastly, have excellent customer service. While this ProFlowers review is fairly critical, it would have been far more scathing had the customer service not rectified the issue.

I am writing this review in hopes that it might help ProFlowers better their service. ProFlowers: your customer service is awesome, but your flower service needs a lot of work. I know someone packaged those flowers looking exactly like that. There is no way the flowers began looking that bad in one day.

Thank you for refunding the money, but it is in everyone’s interest that the quality of product be improved. At $100, there is no reason that bouquet couldn’t have looked somewhat like the website image. We don’t even need it to look exactly like the picture, we’ve all been to McDonald’s and Burger King, but at least try.

What has your experience been with online flower purchases?

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