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Profit from your employer

Writing Articles Can Create Passive Streams of Income.

I Hate My Job!”  If that sounds like you then why aren’t you profiting from your employer?  Sure, you are probably drawing a paycheck, but are you going to forever get passive income from them?  If your answer to that is no, then change it to yes!

Turn Your Job Into a Passive Income Generator

If you work for a company, then chances are that people are searching for information about that company.  You know about the company, so why don’t you fill the need for information?  By writing articles online about the company, you can begin drawing passive income from that company, without them ever having to hand you a dime!

If they lay you off, or you decide to quit, then you will still continue to profit from your experience with that company!  There’s nothing better than continuing to draw a paycheck from a job that you left years ago, especially if you didn’t like the work at all.  Remember: No matter how bad the job was/is there is always something that you can learn, and use to earn more income.

There are some caveats to this whole idea and we will outline them at the end of the article.  Be sure to read these because you don’t want to get in trouble for your articles and you definitely don’t want a law suit!  Disclaimer:  Everyone’s situation is different, and you very well may not be able to write about your company.  It is completely up to you to find out the legalities and prohibitions that apply to you and we can’t be held responsible for any repercussions that come from it.

Things To Consider Before You Start Earning

Now that we have you feeling warm and cuddly here are some things that you should look out for and consider:

  • Don’t write on company time!
  • Do Verify that you didn’t sign any agreements prohibiting this activity
  • Don’t write about company secrets, you could get blacklisted
  • Do Try not to write anything personally identifiable, and avoid using the company name unless it is advantageous for you.
    • Anonymity is priceless
  • Don’t disparage the company.  Write constructive information that might benefit the company and yourself.  If you write good things, then they have no reason to come after you.
  • Do be an expert and specific.  Good articles mean good money!
  • Do sell the services.  If you talk about how horrible things are then what would motivate your reader to click on anything monetized?
  • Do be honest.  This somewhat conflicts with the above bullet point, but don’t lead your readers into a bear trap either!
  • If you can talk about the industry more than the company than you can expand your audience reach.
  • Do expand your knowledge across multiple articles.  This will help focus your topics and most likely increase your income potential.

Where Can You Write?

EEMusings Asked:

Where exactly do you envision someone writing such articles? Do you mean an industry blog, with some posts focusing in particular on your company?

EEMusings, that’s a great question, and one that I’m surprised I did not address.  While there are many places available online that will pay you for your articles, the 3 best suggestions I have are listed below.  The best to you, and thanks for the excellent question!

  • Hubpages (aff)
  • Squidoo
  • On Your Own Blog – You’ll need to monetize it either with Google Adsense, or some other ad revenue service
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