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Investing Services From The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is a company that’s been around forever in internet terms. It was started in 1993 with the goal of helping to educate people about money so they could lead happier lives and be richer. The Motley Fool’s main branch is located in Alexandria, Virginia, and today it has more than 700 employees scattered in countries around the world.

The main draw to them is the content that they create that covers a lot of financial and business topics. They are concerned with investing and with giving investment advice to people at all levels of investing experience. They do a lot of research on the market so that readers can get it all in one place. For people who want to know more about the stock market, The Motley Fool is the place to go.

The site does not provide a platform for investing, so you’ll have to go elsewhere to actually buy and sell. The site is focused instead on education and advice regarding the market. This Motley Fool review covers some of the basics of the company and why different services are so popular for subscribers.

A Variety of Investment Content

The content presented to users is available in a number of different formats to accommodate different people and different content needs. Some are podcasts, some are webinars that it hosts, some are articles and there are also plenty of videos for those who like taking in information that way. It’s helpful to take some time to look around and discover all of the many ways you can get your information from The Motley Fool. There are a number of services that they provide, and one of the best-known is their Stock Advisor. While much of the content on the site is free, there are some areas that you need a paid subscription to access, and one of these is Stock Advisor.

What Is Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor?

Stock Advisor is a premium service offered by the company that helps its subscribers to make a couple of stick picks every month. It also offers a lot of financial and investing education and information as well as investing tools. There is a lot of free content that is available to the site’s users, but Stock Advisor is not free. Users must pay to subscribe to this service, and more than a million people do. The content available is exclusive to the site and not just the same content you’ll see elsewhere.

This service began in 2002 and has been growing in popularity over the years. For each subscriber, there are two stock picks each month. Each of the company’s two founders chooses one of them. They then give subscribers a report that gets deeper into why this stock is a good pick. This report can help subscribers to see some of the criteria used to pick stocks which is itself an education in how to decide on stocks to invest in. The reports are written to be heavy in information without taking too long to read with the busy schedules of subscribers.

Starter Stocks

Another service provided by the site, Starter Stocks, is a service for new subscribers to Stock Advisor. It uses the founders’ investing philosophies to choose 10 stocks that are good for building a portfolio. They are stocks that are poised for plenty of growth while being steady and able to ride out ups and downs in the market. They are all said to be good stocks for investors to hold long-term.

Motley Fool “Best Buys Now”

This service is a monthly one that chooses 10 stocks from the site’s list of recommendations and features them prominently. These 10 stocks are the ones that are seen as the most timely and ones that subscribers may want to learn more about. Stock Advisor subscribers get this service along with their others.

Other Services for Stock Advisor

In addition to all three of these services, the subscribers also get to see the historical stock picks that come with all the data needed. It also includes live discussions so you can get even more information. There are stock profiles, and you can make your own watchlist of your favorite stocks. There is also a simulator that you can play with to get into the habit of investing in a way that makes you comfortable. There is a library full of special reports, lots of strategies, and plenty of investing tips.

How Do They Stack Up?

The Motley Fool is so popular with its stock tips because they tend to work. If you look at any Motley Fool review, you’ll see the enthusiasm for the site and its picks. With Stock Advisor, many of the stock recommendations are good growth stocks that tend to be in the financial, healthcare, technology, industrial and consumer industries. The stocks are generally high quality and most of them do return a profit. As many as 90% of their picks are profitable.

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