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Infographic: Business warming to idea of video conferencing

Video Conference In Business

Video conferencing is something that may become a big part of the way in which companies, large and small, communicate with their customers, potential customers and colleagues. This infographic supplied by Powwow Now video conferencing hints at the possibility that small businesses in particular may consider using it more in the future.

Three out of four people surveyed to supply the data for the infographic can see video conferencing becoming the most prominent form of communication for business purposes. This statistic alone suggests that video conferencing is on the rise, but other such as the fact that 65% think desk phones may become obsolete in a few years also hint at change.

In terms of saving money and time, video conferencing is invaluable. It eliminates the need to travel to meetings, which saves money from being spent on travelling to a client’s office. Also, it helps to grab attention in a way that phone calls or e-mails cannot.

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