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How Big is Walmart WMT – In Pictures

A typical Wal-Mart discount department store i...
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Often times I find myself thinking up useless questions and statements.  The other day I thought to myself “Wal-Mart must be huge.”  I know, ground breaking inner monologue, right?  Basically, there are Wal-Mart locations all around me, and each one is absurdly large.  This lead me to thinking: Just how big is Wal-Mart (WMT)?

There are other stores that I see all the time too, so Wal-Mart can’t possible be that big, right?  With that said, I decided to seek out my answers.  I’m a very visual person, so naturally charts were the right medium for me to provide the results.  I picked a couple of stores that I’m very familiar with, and chose a couple of different metrics to compare them with.

The Numbers and Pictures

All numbers are from each companys’ respective 10K reports filed with the SEC in January of 2010.  I was sure to match up each companies number magnitudes.  I believe all numbers are reported in millions except the market cap which is billions.  So, here are my pretty pictures below which clearly answer the question: How Big is Wal-Mart?


Wal-Mart's relative size by assets.
Wal-Mart's relative size by liabilities.
Wal-Mart's relative size by market cap.
Wal-Mart's relative size by total revenue.

As you may have guessed, Wal-Mart seems as massive in numbers as it does in reality.

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