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Five quirky ways to start saving money today!

Put more money in your bank with these quirky tips.

With everyone trying to save money at the moment, we’re guessing you’re bored of reading the same old tips – chances are, you’re already doing them or they’re totally irrelevant.

We all know about switching our utilities or using the car less – and there’s no point regurgitating them again.

So in effort to help you really start saving money, we’ve put together a quirky five-point guide to putting cash back in your pocket, from being stingier at the bar to getting boiler insurance.

How many of them you choose to follow is completely up to you…

1. Stop being Mr Nice Guy in the pub

Saving money doesn’t mean stopping having fun – but changing your behaviour is essential. If you’re the sort of person who can’t resist getting a round in once you’ve had a couple to drink, consider ways to curb this behaviour, such as taking less money to the pub and leaving your credit and debit cards safely at home.

2. Go freegan

Tough times call for desperate measures and there are few things more desperate than bin dipping. Freeganism is a growing trend around the world that involves only eating food you’ve taken from skips outside supermarkets – stuff that’s out of date but (usually) still safe to consume.

3. Cancel your satellite TV subscription – and use a friend’s

What’s the point in having a subscription to the sports channels if all of your friends and neighbours have one too? Just simply become more brazen and invite yourself round to your mates’ houses more often. As an added bonus, this also means spending more quality time with your pals – and what price can you put on that?

4. Go insurance shopping

Spending money to save money is the key here. You can get policies for a whole range of things, whether it’s boiler cover for your heating or pest control insurance for those times when rats, mice or wasps make their home in yours.

5. Sell personal advertising space

Is your home in a prominent part of time? Do you work in a busy city? Then pitch your case for sponsorship of your front door, car or even the clothes on your back to advertisers. It’s not actually as ridiculous as it sounds – earlier this year US resident Jason Sadler managed to secure sponsorship of his t-shirts. Phoenix Zoo was among the advertisers who paid the social media expert to walk around with their logo on his clothes. Play your cards right and you’ll save on ever having to pay for clothes again.

This was a guest post.

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