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Fearless by Max Lucado Book Review

Recently, I finished reading a book titled Fearless by Max Lucado. Fearless covers a very wide range of subjects from the fear of not being important all the way over to the fear of death.

You would think that such a wide range of topics would require 12 volumes to cover, but Max Lucado manages to cover the topics within about 220 pages.

How Can Fearless By Max Lucado Help You Financially

Fearless by Max Lucado touches on many subjects, and money is one of them. Max is able to take a subject that is put so high on a pedestal and bring it back down to Earth. In a tersely titled chapter called “Make Believe Money” Max is able to remind us what our money really is, and what it really should mean to us.

We get so caught up in all of the worldly things, that we put way too much emphasis on them, and forget to put emphasis on the things that truly matter. We spend so much time worrying about our dollars and cents that we forget to worry about family and friends. Ironically enough, a smaller emphasis on chasing down money can lead us to more wealth than we ever thought possible.

Money: You Can’t Take It With You

I know this isn’t the most ground breaking thought you’ve heard conveyed by a book, but it is the way Max Lucado presents it. He really is able to paint the blind accumulation of wealth for what it is, and does a great job of showing it for the silliness it is. Everyday, we are bombarded by images and insinuations that tell us the goal of this game we call life is to die with more things than anyone else.

We hear this so much that we actually believe it. We work jobs we hate, we spend time away from our families, and we even work overtime in hopes to accumulate more. There is nothing wrong with accumulating wealth, but it is the manner in which you do it. If you make wealth accumulation your utmost priority, then you’ll probably die an extremely wealthy, but lonely person.

Fearless Is A Great Financial Motivator

Philosophical financial perspectives aside, this book really is a great motivator. If you are:

  • Afraid of Investing
  • Afraid of Pursuing what you love
  • Afraid of Starting a business
  • Afraid of Failure

If you are afraid of any of the above, this book will motivate you well. It will show you what fear really is: a big, scary shadow on a wall. You will walk away from Fearless with a renewed sense of bravery, confidence, and vigor. It is like Max is taking a bright light and shining it on the fears that hold us back everyday.

Seeing your fears for what they actually are is extremely empowering. You begin to wonder why you were ever intimidated to begin with.

Who Is Fearless Good For?

Fearless is a great read for anyone as I believe everyone has some level of fear, or hesitation. If you find that you are constantly paralyzed by your day-to-day life, then you must read this book. By the end of it, you’ll realize that we give far too much credence to the distractions of this world.

You’ll realize that you work in your cubicle each day because you choose to, you don’t start a business because you choose not to, you are unhappy because you let your fears paralyze you and stop you from doing what you really love.

Is Fearless A Dangerous Book?

Without sounding overly dramatic, I do believe that this book is so well written, that the confidence it instills could be too much for some. I know this isn’t Max’s intention at all, but I do believe it could have that effect. While cubicle work may not be for everyone, it may be what you need right now, only you can figure these things out.

My only caution to anyone reading this book is: enjoy your new self-confidence, but don’t go overboard. Discuss what you’re thinking with your spouse, or better yet, read the book with them. Fearless is an amazing book, and one of the best books I’ve read on this subject in some time, and I think it is a must read if you feel that you aren’t reaching your full potential.

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