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Everyday Choices That Help Improve Self-Esteem

Issues of low self-esteem and unhealthy self-image are common among many people, albeit at varying levels and with different impact on each person. Some are more capable of dealing with these feelings on their own, while others need a more structured program, perhaps with the help of a support system or a professional such as a psychologist or psychiatrist that are trained on how to raise self-esteem.

There are simple, everyday conscious choices that we can make to improve our self-esteem and help build a healthy perspective on ourselves and our self-worth. Mark Goulston, M.D. a bestselling author, psychiatrist, and executive coach, put together a list of “10 Tips for Raising Self-Esteem”, most of which are daily decisions that we can easily make. These are:

 10 Tips for Raising Self-Esteem


Raise the self-esteem of others

When you focus on others first and support them, you will find that it is also therapeutic for you and your situation.

Push outside your comfort zone

Finding out about your abilities and adjustments when placed in unfamiliar situations greatly enhances your self-esteem.

Don’t like the decision? Do your best to make it work

Here, Dr. Goulston recommends working with other people’s decisions even if you disagree with them, to be supportive and receive the same encouragement. I can’t say I’m totally onboard with this one, but it might be worth a try if nothing else seems to be working, and you don’t have moral objections.

Ask for help

No man is an island. If there is something you need help with, do not hesitate to ask for it. It is not a sign of weakness.

Promptly, sincerely thank someone who has helped you

Part of improving your self-esteem is establishing better, more meaningful relationships with people around you. You will also feel proud of yourself for acknowledging how someone else helped you.

Promptly offer help without being asked

If you know that you can help out somehow, volunteering your assistance builds your confidence and self-assurance. Others might be hesitant to request for your help also, so make it a habit to be helpful in situations where you can be of help to someone else.

Forgive, forget, move on

We’ve all had experiences where someone else hurt us deeply and it caused a dent in our self-esteem. In order to regain that, you will have to forgive the past mistakes and misunderstandings first. The errors of the past have to be left there in order for you to be able to move freely in the present towards a better future. In this regard, forgive yourself also for any mistakes you have committed in the past.

Learn to apologize

If you hurt or disappointed someone, sincerely say sorry and mean it by asking how you can correct the situation. This avoids having guilty feelings in the future about what you could have done differently, and deepens your relationship with the people around you.


When others experience success or achievements, be happy for them, approach them and congratulate them. Envy or jealousy only serve to enhance any inward feelings of inadequacy you may havel

Try to give more than you take

We will truly see our self-worth and how valuable we are as a person when we discover what we can do to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Do you have any tips of your own that you can confidently share to others?

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