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Entrepreneurial Revolution

After building up your confidence with my article “5 Reasons You Won’t Make Money Online” I thought it might be a good idea to show you some promising pieces of information.

I’ve heard a lot lately about how more and more people are becoming self-employed as a result of the economy, but I like having pictures to go along with uncited claims.

To do a bit better, I not only made pictures, but I also found data that I could cite for you as well.

I believe we are on the cusp of an entrepreneurial revolution, and I’m really excited about it!

Unemployment Or Self-Employment

My statistics were taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), so I imagine they are about the most reliable numbers available, and I think they speak volumes about where we are at, and what people are doing about the economy.

Now is not the time to just give up and hope for a spot in line, it is time to act, and become proactive about where your income is coming from.

It appears that the United States is undergoing an Entrepreneurial Revolution, and we get to be at the forefront of it. I imagine more people than ever are sitting at desks now, possibly while reading this, and they are doodling the next big idea, or the future they want to attain.

We’ve been doing the same thing over-and-over for so long, and it’s time that we think differently. Turn on any news station to see worn out workers who have given 20+ years of their lives to a huge company, looking for work.

Entrepreneurial Revolution

Today’s workforce is faced with a really interesting dilemma: stay on unemployment for 99 weeks, and hope to get a job before the end of it or make your own job. Looking at the super pretty graphs to the right, it looks like many have made up their minds. The current generation is blazing a new path towards an Entrepreneurial Revolution!

I found a great video by Seth Godin, who is talking about the Entrepreneurial Revolution and what he believe’s the future holds:

Paycheck Lull

I believe the average American was lulled into a false idea that the average 9 to 5 job is a stable one that you can depend on, but I know of 8.7% of the labor force (by official BLS numbers) out there who would disagree entirely.

Many people are getting tired of the same old grind, and are instead turning to their own skills and know how to make ends meet. We’ve become so acclimated to the consistent, predictable, dependable paycheck that we can bear the thought of living without it. Buy maybe it’s time to trade in the 401K for a Roth IRA, maybe it’s time to trade in tedious emails for starting a blog, and maybe it’s time to call the shots.

Entrepreneurial Revolution & Risk

It would be irresponsible of me to not address the risk factors. It, unfortunately, takes an economy like this to teach people that the average paycheck is anything but dependable. Is starting a business a safe endeavor? I’m not saying that by any means, it might just be one of the riskiest things you ever attempt, but you’ll at least know how it’s going .

If you choose to start a business, do it responsibly. The number one reason (according to SCORE.org) for business failure is under-capitalization. If you are on unemployment, don’t try to start an oil refinery. There are a number of online business you can start for very little capital, but please read “5 Reasons You Won’t Make Money Online” before jumping into anything like that.

You’ll know that you have all of the control, and if it doesn’t pan out, then the responsibility rests solely with you. If these things aren’t for you, then that is OK. Different people are meant for different things, but for those who hear the calling of the Entrepreneurial Revolution, it’s happening now, and it’s growing! I worked hard on my cool image at the top, so I’m going to put it in again down here!

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