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Creating Space Series: Financial Stress

Financial Stress Can Feel Like This

Everyone has some element of stress in their lives, and for the majority it is financial stress.  Multi-billionaires have financial stress, and Joe down the street has financial stress.

The areas of stress may vary, but they all create an uneasy feeling.  The Wealth Artisan will be doing a short series that we are cleverly going to call “Creating Space.”  Financial Stress can be broken down into many categories.

What Is Your Category Of Financial Stress?

Each of these includes some level of stress, and in some instances these categories may over lap, but over the next few posts we are going to try to discuss each of them in-depth and try to address them as well as possible.

First we will discuss financial stress generally.  Often times the stress is usually due to a lack of money.  Whether you don’t have enough savings, enough income, enough for retirement, or too much debt.  All of these are large contributors to financial stress, and they can emotionally cripple you if you don’t know what to do.

Financial stress exists for many during Christmas season, and on other days that people should ordinarily find joyous.  The good news though, is that all financial stress can be addressed and disposed of.  You don’t have to dread the upcoming holidays, you don’t have to dread your car breaking down, and you don’t have to worry about a potential lay off.  What you must do, though, is prepare.

How Do You Eliminate Financial Stress?

Getting rid of financial stress doesn’t happen by accident.  It happens because you planned, and prepared properly.  If it sounds like it is hard work to get out of financial stress, then you’re hearing it correctly.  You have to undo the bad decisions, and replace them with good decisions.  That is the only way.  This series will attempt to give a general perspective on how to achieve financial tranquillity by Creating Financial Space and breathing room. Next, we discuss debt.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do you ever feel stressed about money?
  2. What are some bad financial habits that you have?
  3. Could you break your habits permanently?
  4. Are you committed to fixing your financial situation or are you wasting your time?
  5. What are some questions that you have about debt? (try to answer them by using this blog and other resources)

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