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Broadband Genie

Recently we were approached to review Broadband Genie, which is an online Broadband Internet comparison tool available for UK customers. Don’t let that description fool you, because it is myopic at best.

If you don’t reside in the UK, that’s perfectly fine because this website has helpful tools that anyone can benefit from, after all, saving money is a universal language without borders.

Right away, we must comment that the website has a very friendly, easy to use interface.  This should feel welcoming to just about anyone.  Now let’s get to the good stuff.

The Broadband Information

First, we will assess the clearest strengths.  Broadband Genie displays the prices of the Internet packages, including activation fees.  Also, they allow you to compare the package deals that have become so popular in recent years.

They display all of the information on a very easy to read comparison chart, and there are also some intuitive filters that allow you to see offerings from only one company, companies within your postal code, or you can sort by ranking criteria such as “Sales Rank” or “Monthly Price.”

Quality Reviews & Lots of Them

Additionally, each company has reviews, and a good quantity at that.  There is nothing worse than purchasing service from a company without knowing what others have experienced.  You don’t have to worry about that with the good sampling of reviews that are provided to you.

The only extra feature that we would find beneficial would be the ability to select a couple of different plans and compare them side by side, and filter out all of the others.  That aside, the system is very intuitive.  Broadband Genie is very wide-ranging in their information as they also have information for dongles, smartphones, and even Apple iPads.

Other Utilities

Broadband Genie also makes comparing apples-to-apples possible by providing a very easy to use Internet Speed Test, so you can see what speed you’re currently operating on, and they also provide you with forums.  If you’ve never used forums before, we have to say that they are the ultimate source of information.

Forums allow for you to ask very customized questions and receive answers from people who are just as enthusiastic about the topic (or more) than you are.  It is like having free experts at your disposal.  If forums aren’t your thing then Broadband Genie also offers guides, which again, most anyone can benefit from.

Don’t let locale deter you from taking advantage of this very useful and free resource.  Broadband Genie has a lot to offer, and we can only see a bright future for this company.  Who knows, with increasing success, they might even branch their expertise into the U.S. market, and we are all for money-saving sites coming over here!

What Do We Think?

All-in-all, Broadband Genie is a great resource with plenty of growing room.  We think that it will provide anyone with a much better working knowledge of broadband prices, and anything that puts the consumer in the driver seat is OK with us.

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