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A War On “Splurge”

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Today, I declare war on the word “splurge.” There really isn’t anything wrong with the word itself, but there is something terribly wrong with the way people use it. The word splurge is one of the most abused words in the English language. Here are some of the problems:

  • It is used far too often by the same people
  • “Splurge” encourage unnecessary purchases
  • It is used to defend those purchases
  • It indicates that the person using the word is a bastion of restraint (which is often totally the opposite!)

What Does Splurge Mean?

Honestly, what does the word “splurge” even mean? Any time I’ve heard it used, it indicated that the person has gone without, and deserves this one, tiny, little indulgence. Just this once! Ordinarily, the word is reserved to justify larger purchases but I’ve even heard it used in reference to the daily Starbucks purchase.

How Did Splurging Affect My Life?

To properly wage this battle I considered getting out my copy of “The Art of War” but I realized that this relatively simple battle had already been won in my life. I grew up hearing the word “splurge” to justify everything under the sun from new cars, to new TVs, to vacations. When I was little, I accepted it as it was said. The person saying it was an adult, they knew better than me, so they must deserve this.

Deserve it indeed, and I watched as nearly every splurge blew up like a stick of dynamite (metaphorically). It was from being an onlooker in the splash zone that I realized one beautiful truth: I shouldn’t “splurge.”

Splurging Makes You a Slave to Your Possessions

It is amazing to see how quickly “splurges” turn into debt, and the debt controls the master slave. Cars are repossessed, bill collectors call, jobs are lost (due to lack of cars), homes turn into houses that the banks own, and lives are destroyed. Did you “splurge” today? How about yesterday? Did you “splurge” all last week?

What Can You Do Instead of “Splurging?”

Invest your money, save your money,  or save up so you can start a business! It won’t taste as good but will help you. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have a safety net for unexpected expenses? Wouldn’t you prefer to run your own business, rather than depend on your employer?

Today I declare war on the word splurge, and I want you to join me. Don’t use the word any longer, don’t use it to justify wasteful spending. Omit this word from your vocabulary, and laugh when you hear it used. Stop splurging on things that turn into dynamite, don’t allow the new car to wreck your finances and steal your home.

Today, I want you to look at what you have and say “it’s good enough.” The world wants you to be discontent with your life, and your image, but tell them “no, what I have is good enough!” If you can stop caring about what other people think, and stop seeking others approval, you will be able to wage war too.

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