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Dividend Aristocrats Ex-Dividend Dates for May

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It’s a new month and a new round of ex-dividend dates. Below, we have a list of ex-dividend dates for the Dividend Aristocrats Stock index for the month of May. For anyone who is unsure, the ex-dividend date is the date you must own a stock by in order to receive the dividend payout.

The Dividend Aristocrat index is an index that tracks dividend stocks that have paid and raised dividends for the past 25 consecutive years. If you want to get into dividend investing, then this would be one of the most promising places to start.

Nothing is more disappointing than investing tons of time researching great dividend stocks, and then they cut or stop the dividends as soon as you load up.

Dividend Achievers Index is a Good Dividend Resource

If you find nothing of interest in the Dividend Aristocrats index, then I would suggest looking at the Dividend Achievers index next. The Dividend Achievers Index follows a similar philosophy by including dividend stocks that have increased their dividends for the past 10 consecutive years.

The Dividend Achievers index will have a more diverse selection of stocks, but you’ll also run a higher risk of turnover as companies will be more apt to cut dividends if they’ve only been consistent for the last 10 years rather than the last 25 years.

For your convenience, we’ve made all of the ticker symbols into links to Google Finance. We really like the Google Finance interface, but if there is a different interface that you would prefer, let us know.

We’ll look into all suggestions, and potentially try to make multiple interfaces an option as well. Let us know in the comments!

Dividend Aristocrat Ex-Dividend Dates for May

CompanyTickerEx-Dividend DateDividend Yield
Consolidated EdisonED5/164.60%
Exxon MobileXOM5/112.14%
W.W. GraingerGWW5/51.74%
Johnson and JohnsonJNJ5/263.47%
PPG IndustriesPPG5/62.41%
Pitney BowesPBI5/116.03%
Sherwin WilliamsSHW5/181.77%
Stanley Black and DeckerSWK5/272.26%

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These are the Dividend Aristocrat plays for the month of May. Hopefully you find the list useful, and let us know what you end up choosing!

We’re still working on an equitable way to include other indices that you find useful. Please let us know if there are any specific indices that you would like to see, or any special additions and features that you’d like to see.

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