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Christmas Business Ideas to Spread Cheer While Making Money

Before you know it, Christmas will be here. While it might seem a bit pre-emptive for me to discuss Christmas, when it comes to creating a business, you need to start as soon as possible!

If the thought purchasing gifts and trinkets for family and friends brings something other than good tidings and joy to you, maybe it’s time to consider starting a business that can earn you some extra cash for the holidays?

There is no better time for starting a Christmas business than right before the holidays. People need extra assistance with gift buying, wrapping, and they may need ideas for simple yet special gifts to give to family and friends. Here is where you and your miracle business come in–providing some of these simple services during a stressful time of year will be a blessing to both you and to those you serve.

We have compiled a list of Christmas business ideas that you can start on a shoestring budget. You can set your own hours, work by yourself or partner with friends and family, and build it according to your unique needs and situation. Here are some holiday-themed business ideas that you can get up and running in very little time.

Pet Sitting & House Sitting

According to AAA, they had forecast that during the 2018 Christmas season, an estimated 1/3 of all Americans would travel! Can you believe that? That’s over 100 million people traveling during Christmas!

That’s also a lot of opportunity for you. That’s a lot of empty houses, and pets that need to be fed, walked and cared for. During the holidays, you can either use word-of-mouth, or services such as Wag Dog Walking, or Housesitter.com to find your clientele.

Party Light Services

Many businesses would love to draw in a Christmas crowd, but lack the time or technical capabilities to put on a great light show. If you have the technical skills to sync up Christmas lights to a great sound system, such as this amazing little show:

Awesome Christmas light show synced up with music.

Of course, you could also find people who want their house to be the talk of the town, but a business-to-business approach is how I would try this idea.

Music/Caroling Services

If you have talents in the performing arts, maybe it’s time to showcase these by starting a “musician for hire” business. Whether you are performing solo at a local eatery or parties, or if you choose to start a caroling group that can perform at different holiday functions, know that you will be providing some extra flair for the holidays that many will appreciate.

Keep an eye out for local Christmas festivals, celebrations and parades which might need your talent to help attract more visitors.

Homemade Ornament Making

Small and unique holiday decor items are big sellers around the holidays, so why not consider crafting some items for sale on sites like Etsy or Amazon? With e-commerce sites making it easier to set up storefronts nowadays, it’s never been more simple to leverage your time and talents to make a few extra dollars.

Wreaths And Floral Arrangements

Another side business you can launch with your artistic and crafty talents is designing and creating one of a kind holiday wreaths and floral arrangements. Purchase wholesale items from your local craft store and create beautiful arrangements that can be enjoyed at home or given to family and friends as gifts.

Baked Goods

Baked goods gift giving is a true sign that the holidays are here, but who has hours of time to bake these days? If baking is a passion of yours, consider turning your kitchen into a professional pastry factory for a few weeks. Your decadent and delicious creations will impress even the most discriminating palette, and you will free up valuable time for others who are purchasing your sumptuous snacks as gifts.

Depending on the laws in your locality, you might be able to setup a small cottage food operation and you won’t have to jump through all of the various hoops that lots of food businesses usually need go through.

Local Talent Appearances

Do you have a Santa suit in the back of your closet, or perhaps an elf costume? Many local hospitals, nursing homes, and other business are looking for cameo appearances to satiate children and their need to share their Christmas lists with you, and these places pay well. Consider dressing for a little extra success this holiday season, and share in this magical experience with those you interact with.

Personal Shopping

Who doesn’t want more time this holiday season? Gift giving is joyous, but it can also be stressful to coordinate all of those last minute gifts for work colleagues, teachers, coaches, and the like. Consider lending out your services as a personal shopper for those wishing to free up some time, and do the shopping for them. Your best bet is through word-of-mouth referrals, classified ad services like Craigslist, and job boards.

Gift Wrapping

Take your personal shopping services one step further and offer gift wrapping and delivery services as well. This hands-free approach to gift giving is something that people would love, but might not know they need. Help people reduce their stress during the holidays!

Knitted Winter Items

Knitting may seem like a thing of the past, but in recent years it has gained a following from young people wishing to learn the traditions of their grandparents. Knitted gift items like scarves, hats, and mittens are popular during the holidays, and with the cost of yarn and other materials being quite inexpensive, it’s easy to make a profit. Lend your time and talents to warming up another’s holiday season this Christmas. And people will love giving a handmade scarf as gift, that’s just classy!

Custom Made Gift Baskets

Themed gift baskets are a popular choice for the holidays, but pre-made baskets from retailers can get quite expensive. Most people don’t have time to purchase individual items and create the baskets on their own; providing a customized gift basket building service and offering themes like desserts, outdoor fun, gardening, and movie night will cater to all kinds of tastes and allow you a few extra dollars in your pocket for your own gift giving and holiday expenses.

Catering Services

Many people and businesses plan holiday parties this season, and they look for a caterer that can design, cook, and implement a delicious menu for their guests. If your skill set is in the kitchen, make sure you have enough space to cook up the menu and then transport it to the party location. Go the extra mile by offering to serve and clean up after the party, and you will no doubt receive a handsome tip for your services. Should the holiday season go well, you may find yourself expanding into cocktail parties, wedding receptions, and sweet 16 celebrations.

Holiday Card And Stationery Design

If you are a whiz with Photoshop and other computerized design programs, you can make beautiful, personalized stationery and holiday cards for family and friends. Expand your circle of influence and business by offering things like invitations, thank you cards, other occasional cards, and envelopes will turn this venture into a year-round business.

Bringing more joy to others by offering your products and services while earning that much needed holiday cash is a win-win situation. Starting a Christmas business doesn’t have to be a complicated or costly venture–assess your talents and expand on what feels natural and joyous to you. With these Christmas business ideas, you are sure to make a difference in someone else’s holiday season while adding some extra festivity to yours. Merry Christmas!

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