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It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn.

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Undoubtedly, this generation has been through some of the hardest economic times that we’ve ever lived through.  We hear a lot everyday about slow recovery, jobless recovery, consumer recovery, and just about any other combination of words you can think of.

Right now, it seems everyone is trying to recover financially either from job loss, home loss, or some other type of financial impact.  With that said, today’s Wealth Artisan University (WAU) is going to be about financial recovery, both economic and personal.  Over the past week or so, I’ve been trying to help you focus your lifestyle based on your goals.  Here is what you might have missed:

  • Questions To Ask Yourself:  This is a list of questions that I’ve posed to help you think about, and assess your goals.  These are questions that you will need to continually ask yourself to make sure you’re on course.
  • Do You Have Goals? This is one of the questions asked in the previous article, but we delve a bit further into the question.  We also added a word-search in here for fun :).

Scholarships and Worksheets

Recently, the Yakezie Financial Network announced that we will be offering a Scholarship.  The Yakezie Scholarship is just one more way that our network is trying to help the community.  Be sure to stop by and show your support.  Additionally, I’ve added some free worksheets that you can use to work on your finances:

  • Monthly Bill Assessment: This is designed to help you take control of your fluctuating bills like the electric bill and the water bill.  The idea is that you will set a goal, and record your progress each month towards that goal.
  • Goal Planning: This is designed to get your goals laser targeted into 3 groups: Short, medium, and long-term.  Then you can use this worksheet to track your progress.

Economic Recovery

  • Gold, Revisited: Is $1,500 Near:  Kevin @ Invest It Wisely has written one of the best articles I’ve seen in a long time about Gold and where it is heading.  If you are at all interested in Macro Economics, this is a must-read.
  • Oil May Hit $100 Sooner than Thought:  Beating the index discusses, and links to many posts that support the idea that Oil may be crossing into the $100 range sooner than we thought.  There was a bit of a breather recently, but all in all this has been accurate.
  • Re-Joining The Ranks of The Employed: Kris @ Everyday Tips and Thoughts got her old job back and she talks about some of the emotions that come with the territory.  Congrats!
  • Lemonade Stands & Monopolies:  This is a cute write-up that Len Penzo shared with us about how his Daughter started up a lemonade stand, and how she had to react when competition showed up.  He then segues into some current monopolies that we deal with on a daily basis.
  • How To Work Towards Financial Freedom: FinanciallyPoor defines what financial freedom really is and discusses some of the basic steps and tenants to financial freedom.

Financial Triumphs

  • CVS Domination: KNS Financial shows us how they got $53.45 worth of items at CVS for $5.25!  With enough patience and research, all of us can do these kinds of things.
  • Penny Foolish: Len Penzo found 6 tiny financial leaks that were adding up to $1,702 each year.  Good job on finding these things and reminding us that it’s easy to be dollar wise and penny foolish!
  • Stability in Life: Money Reasons demonstrates that there is more than one way to skin a cat.  You don’t have to be the richest person on Earth to be successful, you just need to strive for goals that will fit your current and future needs.
  • House Flip Update: Joe Plemon gave us a nice update about the flooring in his investment property.  This is a financial triumph in the works.  Additionally, this article is a round-up with links to other members of our Yakezie Network.

Recent Posts From the Yakezie

Now I Leave You With An Awesome Video

Edit: Originally, I had posted a video of a “homeless dad,” but I found an interview where he admits that he is a performer who made the video and thought that it would be more “powerful” to portray a homeless person in it.  He stated that he didn’t have the intention of bringing awareness to the homeless cause.  In the interest of putting up a genuine video promoting awareness for those less fortunate than us, I’m putting up a music video from a band named Leeland.



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    I think it was Bucksome that was recently talking about how the young are better prepared for retirement than the boomers, as the young know that jobs will not always be plentiful, economic conditions will not always be great, and that in this day and age, we are competing with people from all over the world. It was interesting to read that.

    Thanks for the mention, and you did a great job with the carnival!

  2. says

    Great roundup. My heart too goes out to the homeless man in the video. Thanks for the mention, although the verdict is still out on how much financial triumph my house flip will be. :)